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Have you been catfish or a person who is pretending to be someone is talking to you over messenger, be friended you only to find out they are not the same as you know them? Actually, I have been catfish by a good friend, of course he is no longer a friend to me because he has been fooling me all along. I just want to know if there are people with the same experience. 
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A relative of mine, apparently who is super rich and is residing abroad asking money from me via facebook. I called my relative via facetime and there was no such thing. It was just a scammer.

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Yes i was once a catfish. So this boyfriend of mine I just realised that he was always on some certain dating website. And what was he looking for? Exactly someone better than me. Some friends are really good, so this friend of mine told me that he's seen my boyfriend's profile.

What I did next was to create a profile with totally fake identity and used my friend's pic. It was such an awesome experience because he texted me. I told him I was someone different and all other stuff.

My next step was to take that screenshot and send it to him through WhatsApp. He was really shocked to see that because he didn't imagine I could do something like that. By the way, that's how we ended our relationship.

At times using fake identity is really awesome to play with people's mind. You'll be able to know who they really are although we should be careful on the people we're joking on.
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Oh I am so sorry you ended your relationship , but hey, without doing that you will never know if he is honest to you. I am sad that he is not the person we thought he is.

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