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Is this literally about birds appearing in front of you or just a lyrics of song by Karen Carpenter titled Close to you? I think you are infatuated by someone.

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Seems like you like the carpenters, right? Every time, you are near, just like me, they long to be, close to you. This does not really seem like a genuine question, do forgive me if I misjudged...I will answer it anyways.

Birds may show up if they do not feel threatened or even if they feel like you have any food left to feed them on. Pigeons and seagulls are great examples of birds that are actually around humans all the time, not being afraid of them so much. The same cannot be said about hummingbirds and other smaller species that are mcuh more "afraid" of human beings. There are other species that can also get used to the presence of humans and some even come when you offer them food, even though this is much more rare to happen.

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I noticed this too,because there was a time I was obsessed with bird tendering as a child and I was always looking out for birds to catch and I will noticed from no way, a bird will either fly closely over my head or before my face and they get me really noticed of them to grab at that point.

I will attribute that to nature, maybe birds just like to be around humans. They get attracted to human being more than other creatures and as such always want to be near us and remembers we humans are also always nice to them by providing them food,so it could be a way of trying to be playful with humans.Who knows?.

I see it as a positive thing if birds decide to fly over me,perch near me or make some funny noises near me.I don't think there's anything harmful with that.
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It's just a romantic analogy because I suppose when we are happily in love everything seems heightened. The sky seems blue, the sun shines and I guess birds singing is a happy and cheerful sound but it's not literally about birds appearing in front of you.

Karen Carpenter was indeed one of the great singers of our time and it is sad that she has gone but she left so many beautiful romantic songs to remember her by. They really can paint pictures if you listen to them carefully and make you feel a range of emotions which take you back in time to places you might have forgotten.

So although she didn't mean that birds were appearing in front of her she was imagining in her mind that they were part of the happiness she was feeling.

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