I think answeree is a real web i met a lot of fake websites or scam ones

Any other websites to earn money? 
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There are alot of other websites that you can make real money.You may try neobux,Truelancer,Survey time ,Triaba,Panel station and many more.Just research the ones that bests suits you.
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  1. Just answer
  2. Chegg
  3. coursehero
  4. tutorbin
  5. starclick
  6. transtutor
  7. hello expert
  8. studypool 
  9. photostudy
  10. Tutor

some survey sites are fake. but some are real. it is a time taking process to earn money in online.
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honey gain and peer2profi are also websites that pays you doing nothing .

these apps/websites  pays you for sharing the the internet .
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Neobux is a click-to pay website and its been paying for years , so I definitely say check it out . But in my opinion Mylot is the best , you can talk with people and earn money 
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Thanks for the suggestions. I have been looking for a long to find a legit site. Are you getting payout from this sites?
yes . I have gotten payout from mylot like 8 times , I have been there for more than a year yes its a legit site that pays 

MyLot been around for more that 15 years ! 
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yes you can earn money from TolokaYandex,Timebucks,Ysense,Coinpayu,Star-Clicks,scarlet-Ads,spidermetrix,swagbugs,neobux,adBTC,optimalbux,quora,idleempire,honeygain,mathibux,remotasks,prizerebel,fever and a lot more.
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