Are grapes harmful to parrots?

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There are several fruits that are poisonous to birds and should not be given to a bird to eat. It is fine to give birds a few grapes as long as you can remove the skin of the grape and make sure there are no seeds in the grape. The seeds of grapes can have trace amounts of cyanide in them that are harmful to the bird. Furthermore, the skin can contain traces of pesticide that can harm your bird. 

This holds true for apples. You'll need to clean the apples, remove the skin and seeds before feeding them to your bird. Avocados are yet another favorite of birds, but the skin and seeds are dangerous to the bird. If you decide to feed your bird one of these fruits it's very important that it is cleaned properly and the skin and seed are not fed to your bird. 

Cherries, peaches, apricots, and pears can also be given to a bird as long as the skin and seeds are removed. Never give your bird anything with seeds in them because this can kill the bird. Make sure that all skin and seeds is removed from all fruits before feeding them to your bird. 

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The answer is Yes, Parrots can eat grapes. They are safe for your parrot, however, you need to feed them in moderation due to the high concentration of fructose in grapes. 
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There are several food that is poisonous to bird and you should not feed the bird the green grapes does not a poisonous and there are so many green grapes that bid can not eat
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Parrots can't handle a lot of the normal food and for them they can turn out to be poisonous. For example, cheese, milk based products, chocolate, grapes, black grapes and green grapes. All of them can affect the animals. And so one has to avoid feeding them. You have to find out what is not acceptable for the parrots and then keep them away from those foods. 
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