Which one is correct, jewellery or jewelry?
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Both of them are correct. "Jewelry" is used by Americans and "jewellery" is used by people in the UK. I hope the matter is clear now.
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The word jewellery is  correct.But nowdays it has become a fashion to pronounce this word as jewelry.But officially jewellery is the right word 
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Writers in the UK are often unsure whether to write 'jewelry' or 'jewellery'. US writers do not have the same issue. They go for 'jewelry' immediately.

'Jewelry' is an American spelling

'Jewellery' is the non-American spelling

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Both are  correct.  Depending on the country of origin. Grammatically, people do make mistakes most of the time without knowing. Hence I would recommend you do more reading as this will enhance you to be precise and know how most words spell. You can also look at homophones which are confuse people all the time
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