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Different trees are pruned differently annually. Some of the steps during pruning include: cleaning up- start by making the farm clean, removing any wood or dead leaves, also those sprouts growing from the tree trunk. 

2.)Do some thinning to allow air and light to pass through to reach the branches well.This will give rise to well spaced branches and will boost fruit production.

3.)Do head back-so that the branches are shorter and thicker to allow growth.

During pruning, you should take some precautions for instance, the blade you used in cleaning should be dipped in a solution of isopropyl alcohol this will act as a disinfectant. Also another precaution should be, throwing away the the dust collected in the right place because they might contain diseases.
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Pruning a fruit tree is the best way to make a tree yield more fruits. It is important to know when to prune. Most trees give fruit in summer, so it would be advisable to prune your tree in early spring. before the new buds appear. However if the fruiting season is different adjust your timing accordingly, a safe bet would be three months ahead of the fruiting season. .

You need to decide whether you want to hard prune or prune lightly. This would depend on the age of the tree and how well it has branched. It is important to study the tree sufficiently before you get into  the act of pruning.

The main aim of pruning is to get enough light for the tree. So, it is important to prune branches that do not let light pass down to the branches below. Inward growing branches need to be pruned heavily, while the branches that grow outward could be lightly pruned.
While pruning its important to have a good look around to watch for any kind of pest attack or infection. Treating those at this stage is more important than pruning itself. The yield would go down instead of increasing if these are present and you may even put the tree at risk.
Use clean cutters and make sure the cuts are clean, broken branches and badly cut branches invite infections and pests.
Happy pruning and best wishes for a better yield.

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