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I am a civil engineer and every day I have to visit the construction sites. I capture the images of the particular day for keeping a record. But, I got messed up where I saw a bulk of images in my gallery by facing the problem which image is captured at which place. So, I need help that anyone can suggest to me how to do this.
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You can use the 'GPS Map Stamper for Gallery Photos' app! It's a specific application to add location details to the photos stored in your phone gallery.

Hope it will help you! :)

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If you are using an Android phone try Auto Stamper application. You can easily add text and stamps on your live photo or gallery phone. Here is the link AutoStamper. The application has a very user friendly interface and using to use. It will surely make your job easier by just using this application. You can also try GPS Map Camera that you can also find in Google Play Store. If you are using a different device such as Apple iPhone, just leave a reply so that I can help you out more. Being an engineer with all your works that needs to be done (or captured) is really tough. By using these kinds of applications, they will surely function and help you out with all your photo capturing. Let me know if you have more questions regarding the apps.

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