What is a group of flamingos called?


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A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. It is quite unusual as a group of birds is often referred to as a flock.

However, both male and female flamingos go by the name 'flamingo'. A baby flamingo is called a flaminglet. However, the dictionary refers to all newly hatched birds as chicks or chicklets.

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Flamboyance is right. Also can be called a colony of flamingos or a regiment of flamingos since when they are in flight they move in such a structured manner it resembles the discipline  among soldiers.
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The simple word 'flamboyance' describes a group of flamingos. They love getting together in ponds, lakes, swamps, lagoons, and so on. These are places where they can feed themselves here.
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   The aggregate thing to depict a get-together of flamingos is "showiness," a fitting term for these vividly padded animals. They rush together in huge numbers on salt pads, tidal ponds, lakes, and bogs all over the planet, where they can channel feed for shrimp, green growth, and bugs.
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