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I like making time to make money! It is more important to me.
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I think making time encompasses It all. Like the saying goes "time is money." Do if you have time, you can use it for anything. Money, love travel, fun etc. 
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For me is time, because with time we can make money, but with money we cannot make time.

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Time comes before money although both of them complement each other. You can have all the time but but If you don't have any income source then your time could be nothing. On the other hand you can be having all the income sources but don't have time to work in all of them. The most crucial thing is balancing the two of them.

Especially if you have an offline job and still interested in working online, it can be quite hard but with time management it's very possible. Its not easy and you'll need to sacrifice a lot of things like watching movies, going out at times but the don't forget family because its very crucial. Also, you'll have sacrifice some hours before going to bed in case you work online. Nothing is easy in this world its all about hard work and matter of sacrificing for a better tomorrow.
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Everyone needs some sort of balance in their lives. There are people who only live their life to make money. That is all they care about. While others feel that taking time off and being with their family is more important. I feel that we need an equal balance in our lives so that we don't burn out and fall apart. There are times when work is important and it is a necessity to make money for the family, bills, and what you need to buy. But it is also important that people don't lose sight of taking time off to have a life and live a little. 

I own my own business and at times it is very hard to take a break and just relax and do what I want to do. I have to make myself give up a day of work in order to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. I find out when I have so much work piled up, all I can think about is getting the jobs done and back to the client. Furthermore, people are pressuring you to finish the work which makes it even harder to find time for yourself. 

When you won your own business it is important to work and make the money, but it is also equally important to find the time and take a day off to relax and enjoy what is right in front of you. If all you do is work, it will make you tired, add stress to your life, and can lead to a stroke or even a heart attack. 
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Making time for what? Making money is very important, like working to earn money, having been there when the opportunity comes to earn lots of money to save money and to make your dreams come true. If what you mean making time with your loved ones, you always have time with them when you get home or when you meet with them after work. When it is time for work , one should work and work superbly. You can have both because when you manage your time, you can attend to both. However, of course, your family is your outmost importance that is why you are earning money. Without them, you are lifeless, so you work hard and make them happy. Money cannot replace your family. They are your priority and should be, but still you need to have time for making money.
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Before now because people were footing my bills I was making time but now I'm so making money now and I think making more money is better than making more time.

A lot of things we need to accomplished in life depends on money and if we don't have the purchasing power which is money then we might not progress in it,so the sure bet is making money and be sure that what money can buy will not elude one

Creating a balance might just be what one might really needs but if one should need a ratio of the two, it should be 70:30. 70% for making money and 30% for time. I'm trying to make all the money now and infuse some time too for rest.
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They are both important and let's face it we can't manage without money. Everyone has to have some money to be able to survive. On the other hand it would be a sad state of affairs if we had no time to ourselves and spent the whole time working although some people do seem to live this kind of life.

I am now retired and have enough money to be financially comfortable but I can remember a time when life wasn't like that. I appreciate the time I have to myself now and much of it is down to the fact I worked hard when I was younger to prepare for this time in my life. I'm sure there were times when I didn't spend enough time with my family but I am hopefully making up for that now. While you are making money it's important to remember that your loved ones need you too.
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In my simple opinion,, I wish to guess your opinion and reason for the question well. Perhaps what you meant is busy making money and not having time for people against having time for people and not making or having money. My sister, both are important but making money should be most important with my reasons as follows;
When you make too much time people tends to see you or perceive you as being lazy and unserious. Some will even start to look down on you like you are a destitute. Also with making money, when you are too focused on making money without making time to be with loved ones. You tend to loose the connection and intimacy aas the case might be.
However, nothing last forever so one must put the two on a serious gauge to be able to take good and fundamental care of people around you with the money.
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Money is like the core of everything that we do in life. Even the Bible made us to understand that money is the answer to everything and this means that we should always look at ways that we can balance the time that we use to make money and the time that we put into other things that we aim to achieve in life.

While making money is nice and good, it is interesting that we know that when we don't have the time to enjoy the money that we have made, then it is not that cool for us to push for it. I have noticed that there are some people that have made a lot of money and still got no time to spend with family and enjoy this money. Believe me, this is not a good way to live a happy life as far as I am concerned.

We should try to enjoy this money with the people that we care about as well.
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These two factors are very important in every body's life for success,  health,  peace and sustainance to be guaranteed.
Making money in my opinion is very important because it is very to make time out to do what you want to at any moment,  it very possible to have time at your disposal but sometimes difficult to acquire wealth the way we aqcuired time,  lazy persons have lots of time at their disposal but most of them are poor.
Making money required creativity and sometimes critical thinking to yield positive results, these makes the brain to be more active,  once you have made good money you can always have minimal rest daily at the comfort of lifestyle and taste especially if your style of money making is a passive one,  your money continue and you have abundant time at your disposal.
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Making money is inevitable in everyone's life. everybody will try their level best to make money wherever they are at in their lives, but let us look at life in general, how many of us will actually set aside time to do something for somebody else, how many will make time to help out a brother or a sister who is in need of their help? how many will go out of their way to prepare a meal for the less fortunate and drop it to them at their free time? am sure very few people will do that, This are the little things in life that make us better people.Creating time will teach us so many things, it will help us know who we are in life, time will make us appreciate the little things in life you will never take advantage of certain things.they say time is money, but it is also life, which we could also ending up losing if we do not take care.

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