For those who don't know , discord is a messaging app / site where you can chat with people online in groups called "servers"

Do you use discord ? How long have you been using it ?
I have been using it for 2 years now and I had lot of fun talking with people online 
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I have used discord when there was a project online. It was so engaging and interesting to talk with people all over the world. It's a good messaging app I can say 
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I used it once to play  a game with friends

It's a good app i think to talk with friends in games and facilitate what we want not just writing to friend it take time and it will distract you 
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I have not tried it since it is not famous here in my country. I bet it is like Facebook messenger, which is more famous for communicating with other people.
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I feel like the closest app I can relate discord to is Whatsapp / Viber . Its basically a messaging app , you can either in private messages with someone , or talk in groups with lots of people , but still lots of differences between discord and whatsapp 

Discord is more preferred by gamers etc  
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no i did not use it because i have no time to use it. i use youtube instead of it t find any information or any other sources of information.
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