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Well, in my point of view it just means getting more comfortable when I sit, sometimes looking more elegant.

But did you know there are some meanings behind actually doing that to your legs when you sit? It is said that when you sit with your legs crossed and towards the exit door of where you are it means you cannot wait to leave that place, in other words, that you do not want to be there/ or even that you are just sick of that place. Now, you can notice girls sitting during dates with their loved ones that they can often be seen with their legs crossed in the direction of the person that they are seated beside. It means that they are comfortable and interested in what the other person has to say.

Anyways I do believe there are things behind why we do it and how we do it, so. The information I brought to you above was told by a psychologist during a conference I attended.
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There are different styles of crossing legs while sitting on a chair varying from men to women. The way a man could sit on a chair is different from a woman could sit and both of them have different meanings. For instance in my region, when a woman sits down and crosses the legs in some way I cannot explain, it shows some respect. It is courteous for a woman to sit that way especially when she's wearing a short dress or skirt.
For a man on the other side, I think its just a matter of being comfortable or being bossy. Like he's the one domineering the place and gives out orders. All these depends with persons culture and what it implies from your region
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I am not sure what is the instinct behind or the meaning when people starts to cross legs. If I do it, it means I want to keep my balance. Whenever I cross legs, i avoid to crouch my back. I get a straight back that it avoids me to strain it and feel tired. I also think that people that cross legs are feel reserved. I observed some people at work and those who loves to cross legs do not talk to anybody unless they are friends. Another reason is that, when i feel cold in the office, cross legs will help me to feel warm. Maybe because the other legs is on top of the other. I think crossing legs is just a matter of habit and when they feel comfortable doing it , they keep doing it. It looks sexy on girls whenever they exposed their legs. Proper attire should make it more sucessful.
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It can mean several things for me. If I am sitting in front of people I do not want them to see tomorrow's washing so I cross  my legs to protect my modesty! It's also quite comfortable, I am sitting at my computer now with my legs crossed although I was told by my mother that it will cause varicose veins. Apparently this is a myth and most scientists agree it will not cause problems with veins.

It does however cause bad posture so if you sit with your legs crossed for more than three hours a day it is said to give you a lopsided posture and can cause lower back pain.

Most of us do it without thinking for reasons of comfort but since researching the reasons behind it I think I might try and cross my legs less because the comfort we feel when we cross them can lead to severe discomfort later in life.

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