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How to get a smooth, soft, shiny and sexy legs without undergoing costly therapies or treatments? I have nice shaped legs along with a good body shape. But my legs are much dry with some wrinkles on the toes and ankles. How to get a beautiful legs? I am 22 years old with a tan complexion.

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We are about the same age and skin tone. Well, I have super dry skin and had varicose veins (got removed, thankfully!). Well, you can make your skin much more beautiful by using some simple products, as long as you have a beauty routine. Do not skip days or do things to harm your skin. If you go under the sun use sunscreen, apply moisturizing lotion every day (use products with collagen, to give your skin a smoother younger touch), also take collagen pills. Make sure you avoid showering with super hot water and if you use pools and other public spaces make sure you shower and moisturize your skin. Watch out for fungi and mites when using public spots. You should also use some good feet lotion (use every other day exfoliating products on your feet to get rid of dead skin) then use moisturizing lotion with aloe, cocoa or other related products.
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I use Aloe Vera Moisturizer and lotion, by Nature Republic. This product became trending after most of the vlogger or those who are doing a video blog posted their reviews at YouTube. I both one jar last March and I have been using it religiously. It doesn't work over night. It leaves a sticky feeling on my legs whenever I use it after bath but once it gets dry, it is so soft and smooth like a hair that is newly rebonded. Because of that, I used it all over my body and even my face. it is very smooth. I do not use bar soap also but I use whip soap or foam soap. Body liquid soap is good too. Bar soap makes my skin dry and the severe affected are my legs, so what i did was to use liquid or whip soap. After bathing I apply aloe vera immediately and now, no leg dryness anymore.
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There are several ways of making your legs smooth by removing the hair or making it just natural. Some of those ways include, using baking powder mixed with water. Apply the mixture on your skin. Then find a shaving object to remove off the hairs. The essence of baking powder is to open up the pores. After shaving clean your  legs and apply some oil to reduce the pain.

Still, you can use shower gel mixed with sugar. Apply the mixture on your legs for around 10 minutes. After some minutes, rinse off with some lukewarm water and apply oil. You can also use a scrubbing brush to brush gently your legs because its always painful. This removes the dead skin leaving your skin smooth.
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Shave in the shower. I cannot stress this enough. This is when your legs are the smoothest and softest, and it's easier to shave when they're moist. Also, instead of using shaving cream, use conditioner. Just rub a dollop on your leg before you shave, and it'll be so much easier. Afterwards, wash it off. When you get out of the shower, put on lotion. Your skin will absorb the lotion a lot faster if you apply it when your skin is moist. If your legs are extremely dry and cracked, you should put on Vaseline or Aquafor instead of lotion. If they're in especially bad shape, use a body sugar scrub on your legs once or twice a week in the shower before the conditioner step.

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