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I don't see anything wrong with breastfeeding done in the public. If I come across a mom who doing it in public, I will only look away because I don't like beholding the sight of moms breastfeeding their babies. I guess this is due to I don't want to see their breasts as they are doing it.
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I breast fed both my children and whereas I preferred to do it at home in private sometimes a baby would not wait and they needed to be fed while out and about. Most people are very tolerant in the UK  but there are coffee shops that have thrown women out for feeding their babies publicly. I never understood this because it can be done discreetly and there is very little you can see when a baby is latched on. For a country that is supposed to be enlightened about these subjects I think we still have a long way to go.
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@sprite1950 I read about it in the news sometime back how a certain mother was asked to desist from feeding her baby at a restaurant. And this led to serious public outcry. 

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To me, this is perfectly normal and it happens here on the islands every day. Where I live all mom's nurse their children and when out in public you can see a baby nursing on their mom. There isn't always a private place for a mom to breastfeed and everyone here on the islands is so used to this that we don't think anything about it at all.
I know in many parts of the world this would be offensive and the mother could be brought up on charges if she were to expose her breasts in public and allow her small baby to nurse on them. Here we encourage mom's to feed their child and we don't have all the luxuries of some countries where a mom can see the privacy of a bathroom or nursing room when out in public. Therefore, when a baby is hungry and there is no other place to nurse the child the mom will find a comfortable seat and start to feed her baby. Normally you won't see her breasts exposed but you know that she is feeding her child.
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Breast feeding in public has got different perspectives. From the region where I come from, people will start think it of witchcraft and no one will be happy seeing her baby witch crafted. According to me, I think that breast feeding in public is lack of manners. There's no normal mom who can do such a thing unless otherwise.

But then, there are certain circumstances that will force you into doing that for instance, when the baby cries so much and you have nothing to give them. In this kind of situation you'll have no other way out because as the baby continues yelling, the people will keep on staring at you awkwardly. Another situation is when there's no place set aside for those mothers who are breastfeeding. Its just a matter of being careful when going out on public with your baby.
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Nothing. I will just smile. I am proud of mothers who are breastfeeding their child in public because even some are showing their breast, they don't mind but they will feed their babies when it is already hungry. Moreover, there are available dress or clothes for mother who are breastfeeding and you can buy it on online store. It is for you to hide the breastfeeding although it is still obvious that you are doing it. The clothes will just cover the baby and your breast. You are in public but every thing is still in private. This will not get attention of the other people and your child will be fed. Even if you are a mother you still need to keep your body in private, although for me it is understandable that your child needs to be fed once he or she is hungry.
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Breastfeeding is natural thing to observe in daily life, everyone knows the importance of breastfeeding for a baby as well for the mother. I, myself proud the mothers who breastfeed their babies because it plays important role towards their health.
What i see in surrounding is that the mothers have reduced the breastfeeding their babies and started using feeders for their newborns with different types of powdered milks even though this is forbidden by many doctors mothers are doing the act just to maintain their so called figure.

Now for breastfeeding in public their comes different reviews from different regions, mother do this in our region when highly needed but with bit privacy but for me its against the manners but you never know the circumstances can happen.
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Well, breastfeeding in public is fine as long as the mother covers herself up with a shawl or anything that is big enough to cover her bosom so it won't scandalous ti the sight of others. Other people might think it is inappropriate but to mothers out there, it is something that they shouldn't feel ashamed with. It is something that makes mothers feel proud because it is their way expressing their love to their children. Another thing is that, breastmilk is the best milk that that every infant could ever have. No expensive formula can overpower the nutrients that breastmilk can give. So, if a child is hungry, there is nothing wrong to feed it no matter what the situation is and where the mother is. It is nothing but a normal sight, anyway.
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It is totally normal for me to see a woman breastfeeding her child in public. Actually, where I come from, it is very much permitted and encouraged and permitted. In fact, when a baby cries in public, the first thing they say is "give him/her breast to suck." A woman who refuses to due to shame or personal reasons is actually put down.

It is not common to see public places set aside from breast feeding women like it is in other parts of the world. Hence, women take Liberty to breastfeed their babies in public with discretion of course. Personally, I do not see myself  breastfeeding my child in public. Not that it is wrong but it is something I would prefer to do in my privacy. 
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Well, doctors say that the best way to raise a normal child is with breastfeeding. So, breastfeeding is a normal process. Now, there is a process of reaction from others, if they see someone is doing in public. And, I see some of my married friends, when they go to a park, they are doing that in an interesting way. So, the husband takes some blanket And, with blanket cover her wife, and, a wife is breastfeeding a little child. I guess that's all normal. Probably this question is about shame, maybe, but if woman do that in a civilized way, covering your naked body, there is nothing to be ashamed.

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