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Singer/songwriter Tracy Chapman sings a song which has these lyrics:  "Gimme one reason to stay here and I'll turn right back around."  If a person has been a member of this site for a short while but has persuaded themselves that this site is not a "good fit" for their online work objectives and goals, could you give them one reason that would convince them to stay and continue to be an active contributor to the community?  Do you have the power of persuasion?

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This is the website where you are going to learn a lot. Since I joined this site, I have gotten to know some things that I never knew before, so I believe that you can benefit from it as well. 

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To be honest, I was active on the site for two days I guess, and I stop for a day because I have more important things to do yesterday. I can't stop thinking about this site earlier so now I am back and posting. I feel those people who do not want to come back on the site. It is the 600 characters that put them off. However, no matter it is tiring, it is the site's rule to make the site active. We need to post with quality. I will encourage you and some of the members to participate because the site needs someone that will share about their life, experiences and even expertise. It is not only a question and answer site, but honestly it is all about helping each other to survive our life. If you have question in mind, start posting it and there could be one that will able to help you. The site promises to pay quality posting and active participation.
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Hey sis...good to find you here! You are quite hardworking and always give your best to the sites that you work on. 
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Hi there! I am also a new member here in Answeree. In fact, this is just my first day. I have tried many other sites that are also paying good amount. I'm still contemplating if I will pursue much effort here in Answeree as well. Do you know what made me rethink and consider staying here? It's your question. You're question somehow motivated me. I thought deeply for the answer. Not just to answer your question, but my mine too. Deep within me, it was my question as well.

Talk about the "pay", obviously it is one of the reasons. I've seen a lot of people earn decent amount from Answeree. I asked myself, can I earn $30 by just using my phone for leisure, social media and games? I guess not. Aside from the chances of earning, I can gain many other things too like enhancing my writing skill, learning more knowledge and boosting more interaction with others. It is empowering to somehow persuade other's thinking or mindset. A simple 'thanks' is enough achievement for me, that someone appreciated what I have imparted or shared to them. But of course, earning a decent amount would be such an honor, too.
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Any site a person decides to work on has their pros and cons. Some sites are just easier for people to work on than others. Some sites are mindless adventures that all you need to do is clicks on ads or watch a video for a few cents. While other sites require more work. Take for example MyLot. This site is addicting and will draw you in with the charm of the site and the possibility of writing your own weblogs. You can spend hours upon hours on this site reading, adding your comments and writing. But at the end of the day, you might walk away with inspiration and not a lot of money in your pocket.
Here on this site, it is a bit different. You learn knowledge, can ask questions, and the earning for your time and participation are rewarded quite nicely. You don't need to spend a great amount of time on the site each day to earn money from the site. You have the chance to help out others and to do research about topics that you had no idea about. That is one reason I enjoy the site is helping others and also learning. I don't find that the issues of the word count are so hard and the time to earn the payout is rather easy. I've earned it twice within a few weeks. The first payout I did earn a bit quicker because I was here a bit more and found the site interesting and enjoyable. This is always a personal choice and some people just don't like writing out longer answers to help people.
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There's no site that we might not find a reason to stay no matter how we see a site.There must be one good thing about it.

I'm still new here but I have learned so much here in this short time I have been here. If one want to leave this site I will encourage the person to stay with the following reasons:

This site is a learning ground and all life's problem can be answered here,so why not continue learning well.

It pays better than other posting forum despite the word count needed per post

The site is easy to navigate, easy to use and simple to work on.

The site is legit and paying so stick around let make the money together.
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This is me. I joined for a few weeks and did quite well but I became dissatisfied as at the time I joined there was a lot of rule changing. Since then I have taken a break and I have come back refreshed and realise that those rules are not as bad as I at first thought and there are even some that make life easier.

The main reason I gave up is because I felt there were not enough questions that I could reasonably answer but since I have returned I have found many more that I can. If it means not posting for a few days then that's what people should do rather than give up. I don't regret taking a break as it gave me renewed interest in the site. I'm not sure if I have the power of persuasion as I can only tell it how it was for me. I do lack patience, it's a character flaw, but I would say try not to think about the money too much and enjoy having fun,
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If one's goal on this site is entirely about earning, then I wouldn't say that it's an enough reason to say, as there are a lot of points needed before one can request for a payout. If 3000 points is the minimum, assuming you won't ask questions then you need to answer 300 questions, and that's a lot, considering that you will not be interested in some of the questions posted on the site.

However, if you will look beyond the monetary benefit and focus more on the skills and knowledge that you will earn then I would say that these reasons are more than enough for a member to stay. I have been here for couple of days, and I can say that I am really having fun here. I enjoy answering questions much as I enjoy reading other people's points of views, especially since they have very different backgrounds that mine.

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Well, in the end, only you can make up your mind. If you want to stay or leave. I'm pretty sure there have been good reasons why you came here in the first place. You aren't new to making money online so you should know that Answeree is unique and different in its own rights just like any other site out there.

I can tell you that Answeree is a place to impact and be impacted upon as well. It could have been about the gain initially but it is much more than that. Think about the skills you'll be brushing up and the knowledge you'll be adding.

Another thing is that the administration of the site is awesome. They are very responsive and they try as much as possible to carry everyone along. I know that it takes time to reach minimum payout but just look at it as a form of savings.
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Well, it depends on what site is. If the site is legit and they will pay you for your worth timing, then stay. Remember, not everyone will always fit to the site they are member of, the site won't adjust you. I would say, if you really want to stay in the site, you have to ask yourself all the reasons why. I cannot convince you because we have different reason.

For some reason, working online is not easy, some will require skills or talent or nothing at all. But then, if you feel not fit or good enough that's the time you can prove yourself that you can something you might not even know before. There is no harm in trying, in every success, there will always a failure.

I will always keep on trying, if it doesn't work then at least I did my best. And in the end, it's all up to you.
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There is one thing which is the major factor that makes some people want to quit posting on the site Answeree after having just being on the community for a short time and it's the high minimum payment requirements set by the administrator.

Most people are actually more comfortable taking their earned money little by little but with the site set at high minimum payments requirement at $30 means that you would have to consistently post on the site for at least three or four long weeks before you would able to reach the minimum payment requirements of $30 due to how points are earned from posts on the site.

The only way to convince someone who wants to quit posting on answeree would be to get him to exercise more patience with posting and fall in love with the site.
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If i may ask, what were your reasons for joining this site, were they for the sole reason of getting paid, or did you join so that you can meet new friends, for the interaction part of it, gaining knowledge and learning new stuff in life. All this things are achievable in this site, so depending on what brought you here, that is what is going to motivate you to stay or demotivate you to leave. the choice actually depends on you. Our motives and intentions in life are what move us, if you have no purpose for doing something you are bound become a failure, purpose is key in life. Many are in this site for a reason, they know why they are still here despite of what they have heard or not heard. We cannot make a decision for you, we can only advice,but you make the decision.

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