I heard that answeree didn't respond to clients now is this real?

Any new payments have been given? 
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Yes its still paying . I am almost nearing my payout so I will update this answer when I get my payout 

Also the answering part , I had recently pm Answeree and they where quick to respond , so I can confirm yes they do respond 
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Did you get the payment? Which payment pay out meant you prefer? Is it paypal? From which country are you from?
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I am not sure where did you get this information. I got a message from the administrator a few days back and they reassure me that the site still pays. They even offered the sister branch of this site.
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Yeah it does pay you just have to answer questions and it’s definitely legit and does really pay you to answer questions you just have to keep answering questions that you can answer questions to and it does take time to reach the minimum payout
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How did you know they still pay, because 8 don't think you personally have been paid, so if they actually pay then show me your proof 
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Yes, they really pay for the 2000 points. yesterday I got the payment. It is a legit site. They will surely pay. you can work with 100% sure.
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So since you got paid, can you show as a proof so we know if they actually pay
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Answeree dies pay . Just answer questions to the best of your knowledge. Incase you have any questions too you can ask. By so doing you are accumulating points which when it reaches a minimum threshold, you can request for a payout and the points are converted to cash in regard to your country's currency but the $ is used as the base currency
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From what I have heard yes Answeree does pay it's users and I recently texted the administration and they were quick to reply except that PayPal doesn't work in my country but we are working out ways to make it work.
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It's surely paying as money online reviews on trust pilot many videos on YouTube and more reviews online it's 100% legit as I have also asked from some of my friends they are also saying that they recieved their payout and I am also working on here once I get my payout I will surely let you know but it legit you can work on it with no hesitation
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Please how do you know if they actually pay. Have you received any payments yet to confirm?
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I think they are still paying. I heard it from one of the answeree members here acknowledging a new withdraw payment though he/she didn't post the screen shot 
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