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Literally, if student will use social media in a right way like for example,making group chat and that group chat is intended only for school homework and projects to tackle about.

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Social media are the applications and websites that enable a person for sharing and creating the content along with accessing on social media. And social impact is the effect of the organization on the well being of the community. The organization that steps in mind the the humanity have the positive social impact. Almost the whole world is now on social websites and applications like facebook, linkedin, instagram etc. And utilizing their time at these social networks. Now if we talk about the impact and the effects of these networking sites and applications we come to know that there are both the sides of the coin, the positive and the negative one, both are creating their values through social network, now its on you how are you going to visualize your content, how you sagregate the data and how you lineup your limits.
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It is like what you said. It really depends on the people who are using these platforms. If they use it in a bad way definitely it will just cause harm moreover brings negative into our lives.
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Social media platforms like Facebook can help the students in reducing monotony after staying in class the whole day. They can communicate with their loved one's through Facebook messenger. Apart from reducing monotony, students can join certain Facebook groups that entail academics and they'll find awesome topics. These topics can help them in expanding their knowledge.

Also, students can extend their learning while at home through the use of WhatsApp groups.They can ask each other questions and whatever they didn't understand back at school they can ask for more explanation. Have been through this and I can testify that it's helped me so much although not everyone in the group can be serious. For a topic that's full of calculations and can't be explained, then one can do the sums then take a pic and post them in the group.
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You do really have very good and interesting answers. It seems like you are a deep person and have lots of experience in every aspect of life. Not to say you are open-minded.
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The impact of social media on the lives of students can not be overemphasized, as they are very helpful in so many veritable ways in bettering their day to day activities within and outside the school environment.

Ever since the advent of social media, students have become more sociable with their fellow students. Unlike before when students were pretty much restricted to connecting with friends within their premises alone, but social media has helped in breaking such barriers. And this has improved the level of communication among them.

With social media, students can easily get the latest information on what is going on around them such as tests and exams schedules, assignments and class works updates from friends, so and so forth.

Additionally, social media could also serve as criteria for students to be employed in ever evolving business world. Surprisingly, big companies are now interested in knowing the activities of young school levers on social media before they can be employed.
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Social media platforms are very useful tools. that can help students effectively if they are willing to use it for the purpose. There are lots of educative articles shared on social media platform that students can access to Improve them academically.
Instagram is one of the most educative platforms since most of the information shared are accompany with video clips to make you understand deeper,  it is just for the student to search for the topic of interest on the platform and start following them for daily updates,  it also possible to download the video clips for a rewatch using the instasave app. I have learnt lots of things through instagram.
YouTube is one of the most effective online school that every student can learn virtually all area of interest visually without stress.

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