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When I hear of illuminati, I think of a cult which consists of members who gain wealth so fast. I think that they also sacrifice their loved ones to gain that wealth. 
The only thing i can say i know about them is that they are cult groups that are into making money in a fast way. And they are very supportive of their members. Plus, that the world's most influential figures are also strong members.
When I first heard about it I was thinking it was a light that shines when darkness exist, but I was wrong, it is something bad.
When I hear of Illuminati,what comes to my mind is "hoax". I believe it doesn't exist. Its just a charade created by some people to make others believe that those stars making it are not sooo talented but there is a power that helps them to achieve those things. Its just an excuse used by some people to justify their failure.If you are talented ,you will go places.
Illuminati is a scary word to even think about, but from what i know it's a cult that lures people into the devils arena. it lures you into thinking that you are powerful and that you can do anything without help from anyone. you have extra ordinary wealth and power, but that is short lived there is nothing that comes easy in this world.

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When I hear this from the top of my mind I imagine conspiracy theories ( I am not even sure if this is right or not, to be quite honest), just imagine it is a group of people who are trying to find ways to create ideas to explain why things happen in the real world. To be fairly honest I did not really find the time to look for the right information regarding this topic, but as you asked what came up first in our minds that is really what comes off my mind.

I just think it is something very silly and that does not really deserve a lot of time for us to waste our times on. Of course some people like this kind of thing, but that is not the case for me.
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There are gossips that Illuminatis are about people who choose to follow their own God. Instead of following our God, they follow the devil and everything they want the devil will give it. That is the rumors about . I started to know about this when there are lots of speculation at YouTube about artist that surrendering their souls and joining the illuminati. After it, they became popular and earning millions. It was fast for them and they are now artists or celebrities that having records or movie projects that are really big and heavy. People even include videos of the celebrities that became Illuminati and they leave a sign , a devil sign on their videos that the people caught. It really give me goosebumps whenever i remember it. I am not sure if this is the fact.
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Sometimes our minds are built by what we hear or read,not that we know or are certain about a specific thing.Anytime I hear or see illuminatic of course I automatically thinks about a cult formed by the influential people and only attended by the high and mighty of this world.

It has come to the point that humans believe nothing can be done naturally for progress without the backup of one god or deity and as such when talks about a cult like this comes up we tend to fall for it.

Well,I will say I never believed in this so called illuminatic  but whenever it is brought up I always think of a satanic gathering worshipping Bsphomet.But don't know how real that is.
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The Illuminati over the recent years have been largely misunderstood and labeled with so many undeserving names which only degrades it's founding principles.

The Illuminati was founded in the 17th century by a professor named Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria, and he was later joined by five other professors. The Illuminati was original used as a body and driving force to fight against social prejudice, the influence of religion over public life and abuse of state power. Their aim was to put an end to injustice by controlling it and not dominating it using their own words. Unfortunately, on the recommendation and pressure of the catholic church, the then Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, through edict outlawed the illuminati, Freemasons and other alike societies, branding them as evil. They were left with no option but to go secret and was later believed to have been disbanded.
Although conspiracy theories and rumors every now and then points to certain activities which are believed to be the handwork of the illuminates, no real prove shows that they truly exist as many believe the group was dissolved after being outlawed by the Bavarian King.

This is what comes to my mind every time I hear the word illuminate.
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The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word "illuminati" is evil and secret cult group or society. The illuminati is actually a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious,  historic. The name from my research; refers to Bavarian IIlluminati, an enlightenment era secret Society founded on  May 1776.

The society goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life. And abuses of state power. " The order of the day." They wrote in their general statutes, " is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them. The illuminati along side with Freemasonry and other secret societies wwere outlawed through edicedict by the Bavarian ruler with the encouragement of the the Catholic. Church in 1784

I this ñk the society came back after some years later and they have dspeead all overthe world
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