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First, it depends with the kind of school that you've taken your kid. Some schools don't give kids the morale to study and they hence tend to go because going to school is mandatory or maybe because they enjoy playing with other kids. When selecting a good school, choose the one that has a good reputation especially when it comes to academics.

Also, always get to know what your kid is learning at school.Whenever they come back in the evening after school, go through their books asking them what they've learnt and make them try memorizing. Tomorrow they'll come home memorized all they've learnt that day. Also, try help him in doing his homework, make it a trend and after sometime, he'll get used to this and will be doing his homework even without you telling him to do.
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If your child is interesting in learning, support them by what he or she needs. Get him or her a school that gives high standard of teaching and with teachers that shows their passion in teaching the students so they will able to learn without a force. From experience, my nephew is studying in a private nursery school. It looks like a house. I learned from my sister that his son is showing an interest in writing and reading. She wants to develop it while my nephew is on his peak of interest. She made a research about a certain school and even there attending the subject with his son. She just want to know how that private school supports the children's interests. She like what she sees. Now I am seeing my nephew as one of the smart student at school and always excited to go to school.
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Boosting a child's interest in learning could be very challenging, as kids prefer to evade their reading periods for things that are trivia. But as parents we have the responsibility to turn the tide on them by mandating them to do the needful about their education. Because the way the children of nowadays are, we have to curtail their excesses if we want them to turn out good in life.

To make them pick interest in learning, first off, is to talk some senses into their heads. Let them know how important it is for them to learn. Try to bolster their level of enthusiasm through series of motivation. Afterwards, you can move to the practical phase by making sure he/she reads his/her books with time table.
It shouldn't just end there. You should follow him/her up by asking them questions on what they have read, so that you can ascertain if they understoodd what they read. This is the only way you can boost the learning skills of any child.
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I think a child's interest in learning depends on his/her environment. It is typical for children to mimic the activities that they are seeing; hence, when people around them are engaged in any learning activity, then that makes them want to learn things, too. Showing support also makes a huge difference. Parents should be hands-on in dealing with their child's needs no matter how small or big they are. I think there is nothing more enjoyable for a child than having to study about stuff along with his/her parents. Think of it as a way of creating a close relationship between you and your child.

Moreover, rewards mechanism may also play a key role with regard to improving your child's study habits. Oftentimes, when they have something to look forward to, they get motivated and strive hard to get rewarded. However, this trick can also be crucial, as kids may then lose interest if there weren't rewards being offered to them.

Although, doing these things do not guarantee that a child will be able to keep a good track record of study habits; hence, I still think that one of the best ways to address this matter is to observe them, and listen to them; ask them about the problems that they often encounter while studying so you'll know how you can help them.
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It is indeed a involving or demanding job to boost a child interest in learning. Meanwhile despite what it entails, a teacher or whoever is involved must at first understand who the child is and class which he/she belongs in learning. Either fast learner,slow or medium. Also a teacher must be conversant with learning skills and aids to attract the interest of a child. In view of this the teacher or person involved can set up a competition in the class or among the peer such that the price will be attractive and competitive. Haven said that, learning environment also improve a child. If you noticed that a child is not doing fine here even with all availableavailable  resources. Then such a child should be changed from such environment. Because the cause of weak performance might be due to peer unseriousness.
Finally, a child muß5 always be disciplined.. Because discipline is the key to learning
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I have realize that kids learn better if learning is fun and in a playful way and as such if one needs a child to learn and really have interest for studies then learning should be in a playful way.

Another way is making the child have a relatable way of understanding what is being taught.Abstract learning seem a bored and difficult to children.When teaching them use examples they can actually relate with and to .it will stimulate their little brains and make them become so inquisitive and curious to know or learn more.

Use colorful objects while teaching them,it will enable them focus on them to find out more about what is taught.Give them time to ask questions and try to answer them to their satisfaction and ask them questions that will help keep their little heads really thinking for appropriate answers.
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