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The chemistry do their best to find something beneficial in every plants they could fine, something to cure illnesses. So, I am glad they found out about Aloe Vera and it really helpful.

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The inner pulp of the aloe plant contains gel and that's the one which brings about the medicinal value of aloe vera. Aloe vera contains several components such as amino acids, minerals, enzymes, salicylic acid, organic components like glucose and proteins, inorganic components like chloride and potassium among other components.

The gel is rich in water and nutrients. Polysaccharides are responsible for bringing about the healing effect. Besides it contains 20 amino acids and high content and that's what makes the skin healthier.

Generally, it is the  chemical combination of compounds in aloe vera that work together to bring about change by stimulating cell regeneration. The good thing with aloe vera is that it doesn't have side effects and if there is, then its mild.

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Aloe Vera is a plant of immortality. This plant is a herbal one and has been helping a lot of people ever since it was discovered. Even queens of Egypt have been using this plant for centuries. The properties of this plant has lots of components. It has Vitamins and Mineral, has enzyme, sugars, fatty acids and many more. It has lots of uses like healing properties, anti-inflammatory, it protects the skin from radiation, it even have a laxative effects. It has antiviral and antitumor effects too. The most popular is it has been used as a moisturizing and anti-aging effect that is why it is used as a skin care product. Right now, naturally it is used as a moisturizer and it is proven effective in any skin types, regardless of the weather in different country but it leaves a sticky feeling when applied fresh.

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