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Sometimes the camera pixel specifications might be the reason why one looks bad in pictures. This is why most women look for devices that have high mega pixel at least a minimum of 24 mega pixel camera in the devices to help make them look very beautiful. 
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wIt is because camera can hide impurities and can make people look beautiful even if they are not. 
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Some people are beautiful in real life than camera, and maybe because they are not photogenic at all. You haveto find an angle that make you look beautiful when taking pictures.
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Maybe that is just what you want to believe. if anything i think it is the other way round. people may think they look better in pictures than they do in real life. in fact you are better off because there is nothing artificial it's just you. you should be thankful about that.
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The picture quality may be poor..another thing is that some people are just not photogenic.I hardly take pictures myself because I fall into the category of those who are not photogenic.
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If someone can take a picture when you don't know it, it will look much more like the real you.

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There are people who look good in pictures and there are some that look good in person, but bad in pictures. I do think that I look good in pictures but some of the people disappointed to see me because I look bad in person. We cannot do anything about it when it comes to perspective of other people and even other people become judgemental of what we look like. If we are the ones that that will do about making ourselves looks good in pictures, we can do it. Maybe we are having a wrong angle, or a bad lighting, or maybe our make up doesn't fit. Sometimes editing features could make a big difference. Maybe you will ask, why do I need to edit it, i want to keep it real. It is not a sin to edit your pictures. It is not a crime to make you look good in pictures. You are just going to share a good representation of yourself to share positivity.
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Woow I really like your self esteem unlike other ladies who don't even know whether they're beautiful or not. This happened to me the first time I took a picture and It really demoralised me. You'll find that cameras are different especially the phone cameras. Some might exaggerate your beauty while others might worsen.
Another reason could be, the picture was taken while you were off guard. You didn't expect the picture and this will be totally different with the one taken while you were prepared. Finally,it might be the position you took when the photo was captured. You know which position suits you and if you try adapting another one, it might not suit you well making you look bad. Or maybe it can be, the picture was capture at a longer distance.
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Yes. I agree with most of the points you've made on this subject. A lot has to do with camera position, the image target position and quiet a few more things. I like the point on caught off guard. 
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Some People are much more photogenic than others are. You might think that you look awful in pictures and better in real life but in reality, it is just the same person in different dimensions. I suppose that you know how you look like by looking at your mirror image-laterally inverted view. In this scene, you see yourself as you are and perhaps that is how other people see you.

On the other hand, there are certain factors like, your mood, lighting, color, pose, angle etc that can affect the outcome of a photo. A photo only captures the moment. This means you'll only see your state at that particular time with respect to the factors that affect a picture quality.
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This question really made me smile. Glad to know that there are women who see themselves as beautiful because they really are! Anyway, to answer you question, perhaps you still haven't discovered your best angle yet. And if I am right, the first thing you should do is to stand in front of the mirror and do several poses. Try to observe which side of your face you will prefer more when you take photos. I know it feels weird to look at yourself for a long time, but knowing the best side of you will help you take good photos of yourself. The next thing you need to know is lighting. As much as possible, take photos with enough natural light as these will expose the major features of your face, and for the same reason, avoid standing in shadows.

On the other hand, "bad" photos may also be due to the camera, as some phones may not actually deliver the right amount of exposure that photos need for them to look real and natural.

More than these technicalities though, I hope you will keep that positive outlook, and just continue taking photos of yourself be it good or bad.
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This could be attributed to the fact that you might not be the type of person that is photogenic. Don't get me wrong please. The truth is we have different group of people that are good looking in real life but yet are not good looking in pictures. While we also have those that are good looking in pictures but are not good looking in real life. It just an inexplicable natural phenomenon that nobody can do anything about it.
My candid opinion on what to do every now then whenever you're taking photo is try as much as possible to wear a cheer countenance and also maintaining elegant posture looking straight up to face of the camera. You should be very relax and be calm and let the smile come out naturally, don't try to force anything just be yourself.
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It is not that you are not good looking or you look bad in pictures. It is just people have their own perspective of beauty. It doesn't mean that if you are looking bad to someone it will be the same for everyone, It is not necessary like that. We all have our own standards even when it comes to the looks, if it is not within in our standards we tend to see things unpretty or it is hard to appreciate things. It just happened that people around you who looked at your pictures have their own standard on when they do appreciate someone's look when it comes to pictures. Also, you should take notice of the angles, it is one of the factors that will help us to look more beautiful in the pictures. It is better to know what is the good position or angle you looks good because it will help you to be prettier when you take selfies.
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I could ask the same question, because I almost always look better in reality than in pictures. Anyways i've come to realize that the are many factors that contribute to why certain pictures do not bring out the actual looks of a person.

Not everyone is good at taking pictures, to get a perfect picture, there has to be a right angle, checks in lights and clarity also plays a vital role in getting the best out of any picture. Take tour topic's picture for instant, it's blurry and unclear. So i guess you can say those of us who look less than ourselves in pictures, always miss to get the mentioned factors in the right position.

Secondly, believe it or not, some people no matter what angle, light or clarity of the used camera always come out looking good in picture. This is simply because they are photogenic. I really don't know why it's like that, but it just happens.
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This is one of the things that should be giving you less worry at the moment. I don't really think that it is something that you should be worried about at the moment. First of all, one of the core reasons that can make someone to spoil bad in pictures is when they are making use of a phone camera that is not that bright and this always end up capturing them when they are not okay and the pictures look blur.

So, the first thing to do on this type of occasion is to change the phone that you always use to take your pictures. The other time, there is this mobile phone that I used to have and it was really that poor to be using to take photos. It was later when I changed it that I started looking fine.

Another thing that you should work on is to try and always smile in pictures. Smiling will always bring out that natural beauty in you and that is one of the ways that you can look fine in pictures as well.
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I agree with the point of pictures coming out bad due to the phone's poor camera. A lot of phone's camera fail to produce good looking pictures as oppose to those taken by an actual camera. 
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This is called not being photogenic and this is a situation whereby pictures makes you look bad instead of the photos bringing out your full beauty like it does for others.

Seriously, I don't have any knowledge as to why this happens or how this is even possible with the same camera that snaps and makes someone look very beautiful would still turn and make another person look ugly or different in a bad way from how the person really appears to be.

Another one is a situation whereby pictures makes one look older than the person appears or more younger than the person looks. Sometimes I keep asking the question on the reason why such happens. Personally, I look good in pictures even though I'm not a fan of taking pictures too often.
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This is actually because you're used to looking at yourself in the mirror, which means that your face is the opposite of how you see it in a selfie. You're not used to they way it looks, therefore your brain interprets that as you being ugly. However, all of your friends and family members won't see it that way, because that's how they're used to seeing you. Because your features aren't reflected on a mirror, but instead faced forward on your phone camera, it makes you seem ugly when in fact you are not.

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