What is the best way to cure your kidneys in natural way ? So,no pills,just natural.? - Answeree
I  personally have a problem with kidneys, i ask for that.
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Kidneys happen to be organ of osmoregulation. Meaning that they are responsible for osmotic processes in the body and at same time balancing the electrolytes involve in the processes. The best possible way to keep your kidney cured is by avoiding alcoholic and soft drinks, and let water alone to be your only drink. If you must know chronic disease of the kidney called cirrhosis is caused by alcohol.

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I presume you are speaking of a kidney infection that you have and that you don't want to take medication to cure. There are several ways to fix this with natural remedies that will help to cure the kidney infection.

  • First and for most, you'll need to drink lots of water each day. You should be drinking between 8 to 12 glasses of water each day. This helps your kidneys function and will help to clean them out. 
  • Cranberry juice is another liquid that you should drink to help your kidney infection.
  • Stay away from coffee and alcohol if you have a kidney infection. 
  • Drink plenty of apple juice and eat apples too. This is great for a kidney infection. 
  • You should also take some vitamin C for the infection. This works wonders. 
  • Parsley juice is another great drink for kidney infections. 
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I know a certain supplement that is call Kidney Care and everyone with kidney problems, severe or not, they are using or drinking it. There are people who got heal and there are lots who believes that this will help them from healing. Some says you can drink Barley powder. Barley powder doesn't only works with kidney, it even works on healing some problems with other organs. It even works with Cancer. Of course, doctors will not support this one but it really works on other people that is why people are doing the same. However, the great cure will always happen when one is drinking water as much as our body needs it. The right thing is to drink water now that we don't have kidney problem. I really wish you go with natural as alternative because it can really cure.
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