Well, i  have 4 cats, and, this question is normal.

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I have cats and I have lots of cat. I talk to them, I even play with them. Sometimes I think they understand me sometimes I think they think I am weird. 

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I have 1 cat and 6 dogs that live in my home. One of the dogs is an outside dog because he is actually way too big to come in the house to live. Furthermore, I don't like the shedding from the dog and his hair gets all over my home. Since my animals were babies I have always spoken with them to teach them how to behave, what to do, and what not to do. Training an animal is very important and the only way to do this is to spend time with them and talk with them. Most people feel it is stupid to talk to their animals, but I find out they are intelligent creatures and they actually know what you are saying.
Animals will respond to your voice, your commands and how you talk with them. When you speak with them it builds up a bond between you and the animals. I find this so and basically, I can do what I want for them without any issues at all. Normally, dogs and cats hate to have their nails trimmed. I can trim my dog's nails and all I need to do is tell them I'm not hurting you now give me your foot. They listen well and allow me to cut their nails and I've never had any issues with any of them ever. Even when they were small and loved to nip or bite when playing I taught them how much it hurt and they stopped right away.
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Well said. Training an animal is very important. They respond to our voice. 
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My friends have a cat, sh'es pretty old and sometimes she just starts meowing for what it looks like no reason at all. And once they get near her and start talking to her she stops meowing and just listens to them. I think cats like when you talk to them.
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I have two cats and both of them talk to me.  One cat will meow and take me to the kitchen to get soft food and the other one will follow.
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I have pet. But not cat. I am having dog. I love my dog. His name is bujju. Yes. I do speak to my bujju. Even everybody who has pets do talk with their pets.
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I used to have a cat. I lost him before the lockdown in my city. I considered him a member of the family. Whenever I am done working for the whole day, he always sits at my side or in front of me. We do talk and he responded with his cat's sound. Cats are adorable and they can be our companionship forever.
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In rural areas I have often seen people talking with their parrots and you know what the parrot also replies in their language and they can have a conversation. Yes the parrot learns the language and they talk a lottt. They won't even shutup for a second. They are lovely pets. Just take care of them properly.
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