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Can you get a credit card without a job? if I am jobless and there is no source of income.

Not even property to morguage
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You know what in our country, as long as your 21 of age even without employment, you will have credit and even a cellphone that goes within the payment per month.
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I think you can in some countries but most credit company will asked how will you pay.

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For people without a job or extremely bad credit they now offer prepaid credit cards that you can get. You will be responsible for adding the funds to the credit card when you run low. On prepaid credit cards, they are good for many things. They can help you rent a car, hotel room, book a vacation or use it to verify other accounts. 

However, if you go to the bank this one could be very difficult because of the application, screening process and credit check they do. 

I've seen some online companies offering people credit cards with no credit checks. I personally don't like these because the interest rate is so high and you'll get yourself in a lot of trouble with one of these. 
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Yes, but you have to find a good hacker. There are too many self claimed hackers online and you need to try them first without investing any amount, so you are not scammed. You can have them make a customized credit card for you with high credit limit. Or you can make your own fake ID's and credentials in order for your to apply for credit card account.
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No, one of the question asked if you're going to get a credit card is "What is your current job" after it they will ask "How much is your monthly earnings" If you're able to answer those 2 questions then you'll be qualified to avail a credit card, and also they will ask for "Government ID's" after providing that information that is the time they will allow you to avail credit cards, nowadays they don't accept people who don't meet their requirements
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Here in my country Philippines, getting a card is already a headache, what more if it's a credit card? Lots of interrogation to be asked, documents to be filled and submitted. Even if you are already working, you still need to prove that you are working such as submitting your taxes, sss, employment and salary certificate, and other stuff. On the other hand, there are certain people who doesn't need credit card but it's the bank who are initiating them to apply for it. Getting a credit card is also not a good idea coz you'll be enticed to spend and spend more rather than to earn and save.  

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