I know it won't vomit if I drink less. But I want a perfect solution. I want to drink more. Any tips out there?
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If it leads to vomit then why should you drink?
People drink alcohol for different reasons maybe to reduce stress or for fun.
But does it really reduce stress? And if people drink for fun, will it not affect their health?
Simply stop drinking. You said it yourself, little doesn't make you throw up. Meaning your system can not accommodate pass a certain amount of alcohol, otherwise it reacts. It can't be more clearer than this. You already know the answer. There's no medical enhancement for beer consumption. 
Why would you want to consume more of something you know is not good for your health? I don't see wisdom in that. The best thing to do in this case is to either quit completely or stick to the number of bottles that won't make you throw up.
As it has been pointed out, be it more or less, people drink for different reasons. When we do things we know aren't good for us, we all have our reasons for doing that.

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My best solution could be, don't take Brandy you rather take vodka. In case this doesn't work then you can mix the alcohol with cold ice water. Have done this several times and it's helped. Still you can mix with soft drink although it doesn't work well for some as it will facilitate puking.

And if you're aware you'll vomit in the long run, ensure you have something very cold around or something very bitter. Something like fermented milk that's cold can help you or very cold passion fruit juice. What you should avoid is taking sweet things because this will bring tremendous effects. Also, chewing a mint or tropical helps in many situations. Generally, having something bitter after drinking alcohol can prevent vomiting although I don't know the chemistry behind.
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The best solution is to prevent vomiting in the first place. I was always told that a glass of milk before you went out on a drinking spree would line the stomach and make a hangover less likely and never drink on an empty stomach because the alcohol will go straight into the bloodstream and make you drunk very quickly.  It will also irritate the stomach lining and make vomiting more likely and can cause more serious damage in the long term like bleeding or ulcers.

I'm not sure why you want to drink more but the secret is to pace yourself and drink more slowly. Also choose a drink that you know is less likely to make you ill. I could always tolerate bacardi well and if I knew I would be out drinking I would choose this as it was the least likely to make me hungover.

Alcohol dehydrates you so when you get home make sure you drink plenty of water as you will be less likely to have a bad headache the next day. The pain of a migraine can also cause nausea and vomiting so making sure you are well hydrated should help.

If the worst happens and you do end up vomiting I have found sips of water to be the only thing that really helps until you start to recover. It's just a waiting game after that until your body returns to normal.
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Alcohol is an irritant that is why the stomach get upset when it is taken excessively.Too much alcohol can even erodes or inflamed the stomach lining so one just have to apply caution and vomiting often times comes with alcohol poisoning.

To drink more without vomiting which I don't recommend anyway you could do the following

Drink water before  and after your drinking session to help dilute the drinks to avoid vomittimg.

You can eat ginger while on your drinking spree

You can take some antacids to reduce anything that will trigger the urge to vomits.

You can eat food before your drinking time

You can take a bit of sugar or anything with added sugar it will help.

If you ask me the sure bet to avoid vomiting is to reduce your intake to avoid irritation of your stomach lining.
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I don't think there's a definite answer to this. But some claims that eating oily or fatty foods help because the fats coat the stomach and slows down the absorption of alcohol. It can be true for some people but I don't know if it would work for all.

The next thing to consider is to never drink with an empty stomach. Make sure you had a decent meal before drinking, as alcohol may easily irritate the lining of your stomach if it's gonna be the first meal you're going to take.

Another thing is to be familiar with the alcohols that make you throw up. If you think you can't handle the kind of liquor, then stick to the ones you can. After all, your goal is to drink much, right?

Moreover, frequent moderate drinking may also increase your tolerance. I think when your body gets familiar with the feeling of dizziness and drunkenness after drinking, then it won't matter much to you in the long run.
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Short Answer: Don't drink too much. Too much drinking is the main reason of vomiting and hangover.

If you drink too much, the immediate reaction is vomiting. But the worst is having the hangover very next morning. To avoid the vomiting grease up before the party you are having, take a spoonful of olive oil before a party. Also, consume sugar while you are drinking. Studies show that fructose can speed the alcohol metabolism. Also, eat ginger and prickly pear cactus while drinking. It will reduce vomiting and also help to cure the hangover.

FYI: If you are having an extreme hangover and feeling nausea and vomiting, don't forget to drink enough water or other fluids like Coconut water, bouillon soup, etc. It will re-hydrate you from the hangover.

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Maybe you need to ask yourself a few questions before you start drinking too much. There are so many reasons why people drink alcohol. Many i know drink to drown their sorrows, which never end. Others will drink to prove to their peers that they are men who are strong, young men will drink so that they can get high and gain courage to approach women that they like. This are men who cannot express themselves when they are sober. Others will drink for fun at their free time and catch up with their mates to discuss office and family issues. Now check and see where you fall in this categories, from there you can decide if you want to continue drinking. I may not know what your reasons are, but if you must drink, take something you will not struggle with. Do not take alcohol on an empty stomach, Do not mix drinks, stick to one brand only. If you are a starter don't go for whiskeys or any hard stuff, it's advisable to take beer.
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