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Are motherboards compatible with all cases?

asked May 10, 2017 in Computers+Laptops by Paul Sullivan earnings (22 cents)
I am assembling a PC. I am using a gigabyte fm2 motherboard with an AMD a4 processor for my new gaming rig. I also have an old pc cabinet which I used for my Pentium 4 pc 15 years ago. It's still in immaculate condition and working nicely. Can I use this case for my newly assembling computer?

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answered May 10, 2017 by Abraham Vivian earnings (466 cents)
selected May 10, 2017 by Paul Sullivan
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Computer cabinets are made in a standard specification to match almost all motherboard configurations. These kind of standardised PC cabinets are called as ATX cabinets. All motherboards are compatible to every ATX cabinets on market. But SMPS position may change as some cases keep SMPS at bottom while some keep them on top. It's not a big deal as you can keep your SMPS upside down as well.

So in your case the answer is Yes. You can use your old pc case for your new gaming PC. Best wishes for your new gaming rig.
commented May 10, 2017 by Paul Sullivan earnings (22 cents)
Thank you for your quick answer. Now I can start assembling my new PC. Thanks to ANSWEREE as well.