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Please let me know what you think about Brazil.
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I think brazil is a wonderful place but a place that needs a lot of changes to be a decent contry with less people dying in the lines of health care or dying from random shots in some spots of the country. It is a beautiful place with amazing natural life and with some pretty good people. There is a lot of good things such as food, people, weather, natural beauties but lots of corruption and people that are simply dumb and do not even care to go to school and so on. The place has a wonderful weather but anyways I do have a video about the country on youtube I will leave a link if you would like to check it out yourself .

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Hello!! Brazil is a wonderful place as long as you know where you are going. The most famous places such as Rio de Janeiro etc. are overrated and overly dangerous nowadays. I am from Brazil and would never set foot in Rio myself. I can't believe how tourists risk their lives there. But most of the country is ok. São Paulo is the core business centre of the country while Rio is more touristy. The country is huge and there is a lot to enjoy such as animals, natural life, beaches, food and general people who are bright and nice. 

I have a youtube channel and have a video on the subject if you would like to know more about it for real make sure you check it out. I will put the link here.

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