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What is the best way to learn a new language fast? 

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Hello! I am a english teacher and a brazilian portuguese teacher as well. Of course I have been a student (and still am). I am passionate about languages and have studied english, french, spanish and korean. Of course I am not 100& fluent in the latest , being an interpreter in english and portuguese (which means I have achieved a native level in both to be able to perform the profession). I can, though, communicate well in spanish and read/hear french ok and now I am in love with the korean language.

Well I know that learning languages as an adult is way harder than when we are kids. I say that from experience, but that does not mean it is impossible. You need to dedicate to the language you want to learn eevry day, even if it is just listening to music or studying for an hour. Attending classes is also essential and even though technology is nice nothing replaces a real teacher. I honestly can't learn anything watching videos online as it is soooooo boring and annoying. I like real face to face.

Dedicate yourself in all 4 aspects of a language (writing, listening, speaking and writing). Listen to songs and "think" in the language. Also read, watch shows and be in contact with the language as much as you can.
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Probably the best and easiest way to improve your language skills is communication with a native speaker. Based on my personal experience, I have to say that the only way that works effectively for me. Last time I went to London, language courses abroad is a good idea. So, recommend . Language course abroad brings the best results and it's awesome if you have the opportunity to study abroad. Apart from studying, you can visit new places, see new sights and many more. Also, you'll meet new people, consequently you can make new friends. As you can see, there are plenty of pros, so that if you want to learn the language fast, you should try this option. Hope you like it!
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I had a very hard time learning French. You might find some words in your language having the same spelling but a totally different pronunciation. For instance, there's the word "mama" I'm Swahili and also in French. They have different pronunciation ans this is the first thing you need to take note of.
Also, practise is the key factor in case you want to a know foreign language. Practise makes prefect and each day after lessons if you can consider practising then you'll be at a better place. Starting from the simplest to the hardest, they all need focus.

Finally, intermingle with different people speaking the same language to learn on their accent. This will help you as well in improving your accent.
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Learning is a continuous process regardless however learning language is a bit tasking.
I live in a multi lingual country, my nature of job requires moving from one place to another,  it becomes very important for me to understand different languages aside my native and our official languages. The tactics I adopted was to make a friend whenever I get to any new environment, I do take my time to learn the basics first like greeting and other domestic questions and answers, I tried to speak them frequently and always accept corrections. The only foreign language I learnt was French which I was thought while in school. I started learning it from their alphabets pronounciation,  currently I can speak French reasonably.  The secret to learning new language is attentiveness, willingness and constant usage or practice.
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I tried learning the French language before because for whatever reason it sounds very pleasant to the ears. I could say that if you want to learn fast, you need to devote your time and effort. These days there are several online sites that offer free basic tutorial on how to learn a certain language beginning from pronouns to actually constructing a whole sentence and even paragraphs. If you are dead serious about this, might as well invest on premium tutorials, which will entitle you to an online tutor. You may also want to check available mobile apps. These are a fun way to learn since they are devised as games where you will guess the translation of each word after a few learning sessions.

Also, it is best helpful if you have a friend who is very fluent with the language, and whom you can converse with and consult from time to time.

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