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What are essential things for writing a good essay? 

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3 Answers

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Regardless of the specific method you choose to improve your writing, you should aim to set clearly defined goals and expectations.
Having goals that work in your favor make a gargantuan task like improving your writing much easier to see consistent improvement. The goals that you set should be specific enough that you can clearly identify the aspect of your writing that you're trying to improve. To do that, it helps to have a clear target for what you're shooting for; specific examples and expert writing from the field you're interested in are perfect for this.

The other part is about keeping your expectation tempered. It takes a long time and a great amount of effort at any craft writing is definitely no exception. Its important that when you set goals, you've got to go for something that just barely out of your reach. Go to far, you likely won't learn anything, you'll find yourself frustrated and disillusioned.

Practice won't make you perfect. Practice will make you better. Its all we can strive for
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Essay writing is an aspect that requires continuous learning or making the imperfect to be perfect. In my opinion essay writing requires you to have the passion and zeal. Once this is set then you will need a detail information about the topic you want to write about, You then sectionalise the  ideas gathered from the introductory part to the subject matter such that they connect each other paragraph by paragraph for effective information dissemination.
The languages to be used should not too strict such the reader have to check dictionary often and often to comprehend, it discourage every reader, make use of simple and comprehensive words appropriately.
The use of punctuation marks is also very important because it is an aspect lots of people fail to address, if an essay is well punctuated it makes the reader to get the information easily.
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First and most important is the creativity. You have to think "big" and come up with a unique essay. The topic alone should make one curious of wanting to know more about the story. Creativity isn't something that you will read somewhere and come apply it, no, its about your life experience and how you can express it in writings.

Secondly, vocabulary matters a lot. A nice story should go hand in hand good vocabulary. A plain essay makes people easily bored even if you have that content. When it comes to vocabulary, its good at times not to use the the obvious outdated vocabulary that everyone knows. Dig deep into the dictionary and find the synonym of the word.

Finally, arrange your words well, paragraphs and sentences shouldn't be more than 8 words. Also, don't get out of topic when writing, ensure you stick to the topic. This is always a problem and you ought to keep it in mind.
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