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I have been using Twitter for a little less than a year and have almost 687 followers, slowly building my following the old-fashioned way – with good tweets and re-tweets. but few are at 22k follower  .. How to grow at that level

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here are some simple guidelines you can follow instantly:

  • Retweet between 5 to 10 times a day from different influencers
  • Leaving some valuable feedback in the retweets
  • Adding some hashtags to fit your requirements and target audience
  • Scheduling retweets at the right time
  • Only retweet information that you are agreeable to
  • Asking a short question in the retweet (if the length permits)

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Just follow others on Twitter. They will follow you back too. Atleast 3 out of 7 will follow you back. Thus you can get Twitter followers even without a single tweet or retweet. If you need more followers fast do following others on Twitter. Don't overdo this trick. Do only 100 or less follows per hour. Try with follow suggestions made by Twitter.

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