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I watch football yesterday,i watch Manchester, what a pathetic team. Of course, they lose, so, I'm asking how long Jose will be a coach.

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NO body know about that because this depend much on the performance of team to fans of manchester united and the club cabinet how they think about jose mourinho if the source of bad performance of the team of is the players its self. so if the main source is mourinho now time will tell us because there is a chance for mourinho to change the direction of team from the bottom to the top. and you have to remember that jose mourinho is a professional teams coached so it is very easy for wonder to happen.

Also you have to know that mancester united fans have a power to remove coach through propaganda. but they haven't any authority. to do that . So the power and authority is on the hand of the cabinet of manchester united team. so if cabinet are not very good to mourinho so the guarantee to be fired very familiar.
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I don't think that it is going to be that easy for the board to sack Jose since he just signed a new contract during the winter that now means that sacking him will involve lots of money. I am a Manchester United fan and watching how the team struggle especially against some teams like Wolves make me lose passion about the game. However, I believe that giving him time to sort things out is something that the board will do as bringing a new manager will simply means starting everything all over again.

One thing that I think the manager will have to decide is on a settled eleven. You can't be making more than five changes every game week and expect the consistency to be there. For a big club like Manchester United, they have the financial power to buy any player that they want from the market come January as well.

Also, for them to fix their director of football position is also going to help in a huge way as well since the director will ensure they make the right moves in the transfer market.
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In case you didn't know, Man United has a huge dept of over $300m, and that's not including Glazer's debt purchase of Man United back in 2005 which still stands at overv $500m. 

So it's not about the financial power, that's is in fact the reason why Jose Mourinho's request to buy better players, especially defenders wasn't granted during the transfer window. Just like you said, no one should blame Jose for his trying his best to make use of what he has. 

I think the best thing that can happen to Man United at the moment is to seal up the deal of selling the club to the saudi prince. He has the financial power to bring us out of this debts and also make available more and better players the club needs right now. 
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I'm going to be very blunt in answering this question on whether I think the Jose Mourinho would be sacked this season by the Glazer family that owns the club Manchester United and my answer is that it's going to be the worst decision to be made by the Manchester United board should they wake up tomorrow to sack Jose Mourinho.

Firstly, they would have to pay him off with the huge sum of 30 million Euros and this is not a small amount of money to be thrown away easily especially when the clubs Vice president Mr. Edward Woodward refused to spend money on the transfer market to buy the players that Jose Mourinho requested especially defenders which is one of the major problem the team is facing recently.
Also the striker in the person of Lukaku is a complete useless player that is good for nothing. He can't trap ball well, he can't pass well, he can't head well nor finish well. So, in as much as the Manger is to be blamed for the teams performance, the players should be held accountable as well.
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Do you even watch man united games? How can you refer to Lukaku as useless? Without the likes of Lukaku, what will be left of man united. Lukaku is one of the best player in united right now. Asides martial, i don't who rates better than Lukaku in united at the moment. If you want to give names to someone on the team, It should be rashford. 
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The position Jose Mourinho is presently occupying in Manchester united right now was actually merited due to his tremendous achievements in the world of football over a short period of his coaching career.

Though right now, mourinho have started giving at least reasonable results judging by outcome of the recent matches. But much is actually expected of him beyond what he is having right now.

Technically, I know Manchester United was falling when he came on board but mourinho must not forget that clubs are result based ventures that need to see outcome.

If he doesn't desist from his usual pattern of defending instead of calculated and consistent attacking. He might be faced with dismissal soonest.

However, I still believe he can do very much better.
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He chose to occasionally stick with his defensive pattern because if you've noticed, Man united has a big gap in our defence, we don't have very good defenders and if left unchecked, it will be disasterous for us. That was the actual reason why we conceded so many goals and lost matches at the begining of the season. Maybe if Jose's. continuous request for purchasing better defenders during the transfer window was granted by our management, he'd surely apply a different pattern of play to the team. 
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Let me correct you by saying Man United is not a pathetic team. I don't know which team you follow, but we, Man United, are probably the most achieved and decorated team in the world. At the moment, we are going through a difficult time which every other team goes through from time to time.

Jose might seem arrogant sometimes and even rude when talking, but that's just his nature. His a fine manager who's very good at his job. Jose is undoubtedly one of the most decorated coach in the EPL. Just because his having a bad start doesn't make him lesser of a man to do the job. Have we ever stop to think that maybe managers shouldn't be blamed all the time for a team's under performance. What about the players who the actual ones on the field kicking the ball?

Hence, Jose Mourinho will not get fired this season. Unlike chelsea, we recognize a legend when we see one. How many managers can win two cup trophies in their first year of managing. This and many more as stated above are the reasons Jose got hired in Man Utd and why Glazer can't sack Mourinho at the moment,....and that's if Glazer will still be the owner of Man Utd at the end of the season.
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As things stand at Old Trafford, nobody can truly tell if the club owner is comtemplating whether to let Mourinho go or not. The club owner still believe that Mourinho can turn things around due to his pedigree as great tactician. And for this reason, he's sticking with the coach.

Apparently, Manchester United are not playing as they were under Sir Alex Furgason, but that doesn't mean that Mourinho cannot take the pressure of making things right for the club. Oh yes, they have suffered a lot of late with so many draws and loses, and to make matter worse, they are not playing attractive football like their city rival club.

The players seem not to be motivated to play especially the established ones as well as the newly acquired ones including those bought from rival club that is receiving huge weekly pay, talking about the person of Alexis Sanchez; he has been a flop.

Let's see how things turn out till end of the season, maybe the club owner might decide to part ways with the coach. But as at now, he still have confidence on him due to his tract records.

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