Do you think this exercise is good for maintaining good health? Or do you think it is not necessary to practice it and why?
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I do. I'm sure if you ask ten people you'll get twenty different answers. Just joking kind of. Everyone has their own way. Some people may honestly not be able to.

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Running or jogging or cycling ,whatever it may be is a part of exercise to our muscles and bones and we should practice it each day and regularly in order to maintain healthy life.
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Yes! A scientific study shows that running 20 minutes slowly three times a week increases life expectancy by 44% in both men and women.

Check is this effects:  

here are studies that confirm that running 30 minutes 5 days a week, extend your life expectancy to ten years.

This is because the cells undergo a delay in aging.

This will require a short but intense type of training. This is very important for the effect to take place.


 Stimulates the release of endorphins. By the same effect it reduces depression, distress and anxiety.

 It improves metabolic functioning, thereby helping to eliminate overweight.

 It strengthens the immune system.

 Relieves muscle and joint pain, including back pain. Tones muscles and joints.

 Reduces bone density loss and thus the risk of osteoporosis.

 Improves both blood and lymphatic circulation. Helps balance blood pressure, reduces high blood pressure.

 Contributes to reducing stress levels.

 Reduces the risk of getting diabetes.

 Reduces the risk of contracting many types of cancer.

 Improves the body's sense of balance and overall tone.

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Any exercise done well is good for your health, and this one in particular has great benefits, it keeps the body fit and speeds up metabolism.
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Is there a limit to the speed at which metabolism can be accelerated through exercise?
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On one hand, some kind of exercise is important for health. On the other hand, running/jogging is high impact exercise, so add in the risk of foot/knee injury. Plus more than a few health nuts have dropped dead from heart attack, brain hemorrhage, heat stroke, or whatever. Point being there are safer low impact exercise to be had. Swimming. Roller skates. Stationary bike. Rowing. Pilates. Tai chi.
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It is one of the best physical exercises that we can do to keep fit as a fiddle. If you are not sure about it, it is best to have a general checkup before doing this.
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According to all the doctors and sports specialists, they recommend running or walking to have very good health, it also helps you feel emotionally very happy
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Nice to meet a fellow runner, but am a sprinter, i thing doing push ups and sit ups with squats are one of the exercise that keep you healthy and don't forget to jog.
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I am a jogger. I run every day for fun,exercise and to lose weight. It's a good practice for me to maintain strength in my body. It's better to have an exercise to your body not only for physical health but I feel for mentally too.
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