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Try to clean your water and give them different food, they might adjusting the environment they with still.

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It sounds like the condition of your water is off and the fish is not doing well at all. Most Beta fish don't require a very large living space and can do quite well in a very small space. I know people who put their Beta fish in wine glasses. You'll need to go to the pet shop and get a PH test kit for your water. You'll also need to buy some water conditioner for the water.
Change the water in the bowl you have the fish in. Test the PH balance of the water. Add the water conditioner to the water to make sure you remove the chemicals in the water. This is very bad for the fish.
A beta fish needs a cool place to live. If the water gets too cold or even too hot the fish won't do well at all. I made the mistake one of changing the bowl for my Beta and I had to leave. I didn't put the bowl back in the normal place. I left this in the kitchen. The sun hit the bowl and the water got to warm for the fish and he died. So take care where you keep the fish and make sure it is in a good location and the water is the correct temperature for your fish.
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It's possible that there's something wrong with the water or the tank. You can buy pH papers and test the pH levels of the water to make sure it's not to basic or acidic. Clean out the tank and put in a filter. Also, make sure the temperature of the water isn't too cold or warm, since the state of it can be affecting your fish's health and activity.

You should also check the fish food, it might be out-dated, or just not something that beta fish eat. Finally, it's possible that the fish is new to the environment and needs time adjusting. You might be hovering around the tank too closely, which may spook the fish and make it hide instead of eat.

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