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I wonder what's going on in my ex's mind. What is behind this kind of activities?

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If your Ex likes your pictures on Facebook, it does not necessarily mean that he/she should text you.
It sounds weird, I must admit. Because your ex like your photo on Facebook doesn't mean he/she wants you to get reunited that is if your guys have separated.
Well maybe she misses you that's why she likes your pictures and maybe she's hesitant to text you..
Maybe she is just a good friend on Facebook, since she is your Ex she prefers to watch your photos and like on social media instead of texting for what reason.
That's very true. Your ex partner probably misses you but at the moment lacks word or simply just doesn't feel like talking and that's why he/she chose to like your picture instead. 
Because it is not a must for him/her to text you. The person is an ex why would you even expect them to.
lets just say he is appreciating the fact that you were friends. he doesn't have to text you. sometimes they do that out of guilt, they wish they were still friends with you.

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Well, depending on how both of you guys broke up is something that should be given much consideration before making any decisions on whether your ex was even supposed to react to any of your pictures or post on social media probably on Facebook.

Now, if you guys broke up in a very sad and bitter manner, then it's not right for either of you to still keep an observatory eyes on each other's lives and activities on social media (Facebook) unless either of you are looking an opportunity to make up and resume the relationship from where you both stopped.
But if it's something that is not serious which led to your break up, probably it was something that neither the both of you had control over, then it's only normal that either you would still be keeping tabs on each other.
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It doesn't mean anything serious. Some people are fond of liking  each and every picture they come across on Facebook. You'll just have to understand but in case you know that that isn't their behaviour then I think they'll just be seeking your attention. The best way out is to ignore them as long as they don't comment anything.

Also, I think some might just be making Peace with you but indirectly. If not making peace, then I think they'll be trying to cover something up so that your friends won't realise there's any issue between you two.
Also, there are others who can do just to provoke you just to start a scandal. The best way to handle such a situation is assuming you never saw the likes and don't text them asking about the matter.
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Not all relationships ends as we wish most times due certain circumstances.
Your ex likes your pictures but doesn't send you messages might due to lots of reasons which I will just mentioned but few.
It is very possible you guys quoted the relationship outside your wishes or you left him and he still cares about you but he doesn't know to put it up to you.  It could also be that may be you are not married and he or she doesn't wanna step out of his boundaries so the best is just to reflect and admire your pictures by just liking it. It could also be that he or she has not really find a better replacement after you guys quitted the relationship. It could also be that he or she just neutrally appreciate you without attaching any strings. It all  depends on how and why he or she is now your Ex
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I suppose it could be a way of keeping in touch but you shouldn't read too much into it. If you split on good terms I suppose there's no reason why she shouldn't like your posts just as she would any other friend.

On the other hand if you left each other on bad terms maybe it's her way of saying all is well now. It's difficult to say without knowing what happened in the relationship but whatever the reason she obviously likes you and is showing you through liking your posts. She may be just testing the water to see how you react to her or perhaps she is waiting for you to text her. Is there any chance of a reconciliation or is it definitely best to keep it in the past? Whatever happens I hope it works out the way you want it to although I've found that my ex's are better left in the past.
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It like you're the one still in the wood,please get your head out of it and stop reading meaning or attaching importance to an activity that might be done on impulse. I don't think it means anything apart from. just appreciating your looks or your fashion sense.

Getting off a relationship shouldn't means fighting the person or being enemies,maybe that was your  thought and maybe you don't do same but the other person wants to show maturity and that he or she is still cool with you despite the break or separation.Nothing more to it.

So my advice to you is let sleeping dogs lie,it either you reciprocate or you move on,don't begin to assume what might never be.Good luck on that still.
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I can look at this from a different aspect. I was married once and my ex-took off when my daughter was only a baby. It took him 36 years to show back up in her life. After he came back in her life he would talk with me from time to time. Then all of a sudden I was the worst person in the world. He only cared about our daughter and blamed me for his unhappiness and not seeing her all these years. Oh well, what can you say? I never stopped him he did this on his own.
Some people when they end a relationship it is for good. They don't want to be friends, have anything to do with you, speak with you or even care what your life is about. But deep down in their heart they still care and they have a strange way of showing this to you. Maybe that is why he keeps liking your photos on FB. He still cares and wants you to know he does, but he doesn't want to talk with you or see you again.
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Though the world is now very funny and at the same time cunny, if two person have dated before and they are now both seperated. One thing is important and must at all time be respected.
They must both know that life must continue and the seperation doesn't require that they shouldn't wish each other well.
How ever, keeping in touch is not bad but too Mich of it must ssurely have reasons. It is said that, if two people date and are separated. If they come close , it is either they date again or the love they've both shared isn't real.
So, if she just liked your post just pretentious like you didn't see it.if she have plans, she will message some day. But if you still like her, then like her p9st back.

So from there you will now the next thing. Women are always systematic. I wish you the best.
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I don't know too what is going on her mind but girls do various things. Maybe she just like what you posted or letting you know that she still checking out on you. If she doesn't text you , then why don't you do it instead. Do you want to begin a communication with her? If you do, then you should initiate it first. There are times girls or ladies are just shy to do it, but you never know it once you tried. I don't have an ex, but when I observe with friends, some of them are liking ex's post on social media. Some just stay to be friends with them, follow them and check on their post but not liking anything. Some decided to unfriend them and to make it worst, block them so that they will not see each other. Your ex checking your post on Facebook is cool, so I think you should appreciate that.
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I don't think that act means something serious. Yes, she "liked" your pictures but that doesn't mean she wants to keep in touch with you like the way you two were before. Perhaps, there was something in those photos that made her reminisce some of the memories that both of you shared. If you are going to put intimate meanings on every actions and gestures that she's doing, you'll just find yourself stuck in the idea of her, and of wanting to be with her again.

I am also curious as to why both of you are still friends on social media even after you ended things? Has it been years? Because I seldom find ex-lovers who keep eye on each other after taking separate ways. Anyway, if you think you two can remain as friends, then might as well message her first instead of waiting for her to message you.
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It all comes down to personal decisions and most importantly, the emotional state of you ex at the time he/she came across your picture. Or maybe the state of the relationship at time of the break up.

Sometimes people chose to just act on situations rather than talk about it. Maybe your ex wasn't in a communication mood and just decided to like your picture instead of talking to you. Personally, I tend to act in this way with different people regardless of the relationship I have with them.

Like I said above, maybe your ex acted the way things broke up between the both of you, which compelled his behavior to act this way. It might be the feeling of guilt, but I don't know how or why the relationship ended, so am not certain. Or maybe your ex wants to actually talk to you but doesn't know how to start. Anyways, i think it's a good thing liking your picture, It shows he/she still thinks or cares about you in some way.
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From your question, you called him your ex and not your bitter enemy, so I definitely believe that there is nothing wrong with your ex actually reacting to your pictures on social media by liking it. For the record, the pictures which you uploaded to the social media probably on Facebook looked good enough to be liked, so it's only logical for someone to like them even if that someone happens to be your ex whom you dated before.
But forgive my curiosity, it seems you expecting him to text because I felt it in the tone of your question. Do you still love your ex? What actually led to the break up and if it's something you would correct if you were still in love with him, why not give room for reconciliation? We have all made mistakes in the past but it's good to make up when we can.
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She stalking your life keeping up on you making sure you're not happier then she is she likes it but doesn't text you until she can brag.
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Don't take it seriously. If he/she is liking your posts, it doesn't mean he/she must text you. May be he/she wants you to be the one to start the conversation. Also, if it disturbs you then you can unfriend him/her from your friend list.  
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I thinh that he just wanna show you that you are ok as "friends",i mean you are over but that doesent mean that he ereased you  from his life...

If he is still single then he just might hoping for some kind of diferemt closure of youre relationship.

Maybe he wants another oportunity with you,but wants you to make a first move.
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Your images on Facebook need to be liked by your friends. It is not only your ex who likes them but there are others. Why don't you complain about others liking and not texting?

Ok, you are so particular about your ex liking your image. If so then something is still in your mind. Then make the first step. Be ready for rejection though.
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Its just because he/she is your EX. He/She likes your picture and that doesn't necessary to text you. At last, He/She is your EX, So don't think much about it. 
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