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Which software script is the best for a multi seller e-commerce site? As a starter I prefer a free platform to make my first merchant site.

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I would suggest starting your own website or blog to do this one with. You can start out small and grow it to a larger marketplace online. You'll need to get a free site to start off with and get an e-commercial site these, to begin with. Make sure that you can add a shopping cart and a payment processing system to this. I do believe that Google will now allow you to do this for free and for the life of your site it will remain free.
I also know there are some online companies that offer you a chance to open a business online and sell through their company. Depending on what company you sign up with they have a free account. Some only allow you to start off with 5 to 10 items in the free account before you upgrade. While others will allow you to sell up to 50 items before you need to upgrade.

If you want to start selling online I'd check into these types of sites and sign up with them. This way you can find out if you can make a go of it or not and not spend too much money out of your own pocket to start off with.
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Thank you for your answer. Start selling online is not at all a big task nowadays. Anyone with basic internet skills can set up one. But what about a multi-vendor marketplace. I want to set up a marketplace like Amazon or Ebay and not a mere store. Do you have any idea to share?
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In your case, you'd need to find a good theme for e-commercial sites and use this. In the themes, you can set up different pages and vendors on your site. This would basically be a website and you'd add the different vendors at the top of your pages. Find a good hosting company such as Blue Host and host the site on there. I find that WP has some nice themes that you can modify and use for your project. 
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The mobile app is the topmost platform for e-commerce business. At early stages, e-commerce websites sites played a vital role. Now the thing has changed. Now smartphones and mobile apps(IOS and Android). The user interface and the user experience is playing the major factor for mobile apps.

There are five reason's ecommerce mobile app can boost your business.

  1. 24/7 visibility for improved engagement.
  2. Secure, simple and fast payment methods.
  3. Push notifications to reach out customer
  4. Social sharing enabled
  5. Now Augmented reality, gives the improved engagement for customers. Customers can virtually feel and see whether the product suits are not.

Also, mobiles apps are still improving to ease the customers. Mobile app increases your brand value as well.

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