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How does having a deep sleep at early morning and a late wake up affect your body fat and weight gain?

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General sleep is a state of rest where every organ is momentarily at low state of functions.
In my opinion sleep generally doesn't not make one to be fat nor slim it only grants body balance or fitness.

If you have a sound sleep you body tends to be fit cos virtually every organs for your body might have had enough rest to make it regain it efficiency. Everyone with different body systems, there are some people that once they have 6 hours sound sleep their system will be very fit while Some may have more than or less than that.  However if one doesn't have sound sleep the stress is not completely removed which most time leads to headache, imbalance and loss of weight. However different body system with different sleep rate and sound  sleep makes you fit and good looking at any time but not really fat.
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It would only make you fat if you lie in bed half the day and then eat and don't get any exercise. Sleep in itself is a way for the body to repair itself so it certainly shouldn't make you fat. How active are you in the day? How many hours sleep do you get a night? It is generally thought that more than 10 hours is not good for you

Eating late at night should probably be avoided as you are not burning off the calories although different people have different metabolisms and some seem to stay slim no matter what they do while others pile on the pounds even though they might not eat to excess. If you are worried about your weight I would look at your lifestyle in general as it's probably not sleeping late in itself that is causing weight gain.
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I don't  think sleeping and waking up in the morning will make one fat, I love to sleep as early as possible because of its  health benefits not to help lose or gain weight.

I think it will take more than just sleeping to gain weight,even if one should sleep the whole day.Just laying down without taking in some calories wouldn't add to the fat in the body to aid weight gain.

So I believe if one needs weight gain then the better route should be followed like eating more carbohydrates and eating a bit like 4-5 meals to increase calories intake and not laying in to believe weight can be gained that way.
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There is general say that too much everything is bad including too much sleeping. When it comes to sleeping, moderation is always the watchword. With this said, if your waking up is due to over indulging in sleeping, I will say yes that waking up late can make one to be overweight. Let's say for example you slept by 9pm and you woke up by 9am. As you can see you've over slept. And this pattern of sleeping leads to fatness.

Another scenario is when you don't have enough sleep. If you don't sleep well you could be become prone to overweight. Maybe you are the type that sleeps very late and wake up very early. Or you are the type that sleeps very early and wake up too very early, meaning sleep you had wasn't enough. Cases like these could also lead to overweight due to not having enough sleep.

Point worthy of noting is that you are expected to sleep 6-8 hours per day regardless of whatever you are into, and if its above this time, it's sleeping over done, and if below it's sleeping not enough. Both of them have propensity of making one fat.
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Surprisingly, there is a growing body of evidence linking the timing, intensity, and duration of light exposure to weight regulation. For example, one study from Northwestern Medicine shows that the earlier you are exposed to sunlight, the lower your BMI (body mass index) tends to be. If you're waking up late, this means you'll be less exposed to bright morning light, which could affect your body weight... though the authors don't understand the exact mechanism behind this. Is there a direct link between light exposure and body weight, or does this happen because light exposure affect your sleeping patterns, which are known to affect body weight?

A surprising study from the University of Alberta shows that sunlight directly affects subcutaneous fat cells, making it so that they don't store as much fat. This is consistent with earlier findings linking insufficient sunlight exposure to weight gain.

To sum it up: yes, waking up earlier and being exposed to bright sunlight is better for you in terms of weight regulation. In fact, in moderation, sunlight has a lot of benefits, so you should do that anyway.

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There is no evidence that if you wake up late will make you fat since, you been sleeping for a long period of time, and you didn't have anything to eat while you are sleeping. Not unless, you went into bed and you are eating most of the time without taking a walk or getting up and do nothing. The fats will build up if your system is consuming too much fats and you don't exercises or without moving.There are some people who easily get fat even if they don't eat that much. It is mainly because of the metabolism,if you have a fast metabolism then you really digest food easily. Comparing with other people with low metabolism, they don't digest food easily. And also, adults can sleep up to 8-10 hours a day but too much is not good either for our body. Some people might don' tneed that much.
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The human body have certain tendencies, such that if it is over relaxed; it tends to sustain certain nutrients beyond limit. One of those nutrient is fat and oil. You will understand with me that, oil ordinarily become solidify if left without warming and untouched.
Now; if you sleep late in the night, you have some percent tendency to wake late.  Because it is expected by every human to have at least sleep of 8hour uninterrupted. The body at this hour is medically expected to have completed the entire process of detoxification.

Then, you're expected to wake up around 5am to do a soft exercise; this sof exercise performs two basic function iin human body; 1it helps to burn up calories which comprised of carbohydrates and fats that might still be in the body. 2, it helps to prevent the body from sickness of any kind.

The early morning fresh air from the exercise also does good to the body.
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I don't really agree with this assertion that waking up late is the only way that we can say that we can add some weight. There is need for us to see adding weight from genetic and diet. There is need for us to always look forward to that point where we should see sleep as a non weight adding determinant and understand that it can be gotten from our parents. When the dad or the mom is fat in nature, there is always that possibility that it is going to affect the kids in one way or the other.

This is something that we can't deny. Another way that we can grow fat is when we are at that point where we get to eat junk meal with the hope that it doesn't matter while in the actual sense, this is really what matters. We should be mindful of the things that we eat in order to remain fit always.
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There's something called sleep pattern. This encompasses of the duration of your daily activities up to the time you sleep and how long it takes you to become well rested and re-energized. Some people's sleep pattern follows a regular pattern and as such, when there's slight change, it has the capacity to affect the body system.

Some become so stressed that it starts to tell on them, they become fatigued and lose weight especially when they aren't getting as much sleep as they used to. Usually, your body tells you how much sleep you need. If you've been so active you tend to rest more than when you are less active.

I believe if you sleep deep and late, it doesn't matter as long as you'll be up and going. The problem is when you stay that way all day.
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I don't think that is true, becoming fat is all about your mind and body. We don't become fat because we sleep late, if that was the case i think very many people would be fat including myself. I love to sleep late and that has never made me fat. I think it's all about what we consume and how we treat our bodies, do we treat it right, or do we ignore what goes on from the inside. I guess when we say what you think is what you become, the same saying with a little twist to it, like what you eat is what you become, can also work. When we eat junk food all the time we can expect to put on some weight, too much sugar and refined foods are also a culprit when it comes to weight gain. When we consume this foods and we do not do any exercises, that is a recipe for disaster. If you do not want to gain weight, eat the right foods, do exercises, cut down on sugar not completely because you need it for energy as well. That way fats in your body will be kept away.

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