Considering  your nature of job and daily activities to earn a living and get your desire comfort. Can you live comfortably without the internet? 
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No I can not live comfortably without the Internet for the simple reason it is now how I earn income.  If I had a regular 9 to 5 job and consistent paycheck, of course I could live without.  But that's not how it is in my real life.  Since I have several home business projects created to make money online if I don't have Internet access, I don't have a job!

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Considering my daily activities, I cannot live my life without the internet. Apart from my regular offline activities, the internet is a second virtual world for me. In it I have a great presence and I can be whoever I want to be. I can even go ignito if I want.
I interact with friends and family over the internet. I work online and pay some bills. I get the latest information all over the world just by using the internet, I don't have to depend on local reporters.
The internet has become a great part of my life to be honest. Now I know as a human, if it were to be a catastrophic situation, I would definitely be able to adapt to life without the internet .
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I cannot live without internet because a such a great addict. You can deny me dinner but let me have access to the internet. First and most important, I always use my internet to generate income. Am always independent and don't depend on anyone to give me cash. Without the internet then I'll definitely won't make a living.

Also, whenever am bored, internet is always my companion. You will always find me in Facebook or Instagram. This always helps me in reducing monotony after working for long hours online. Also, I am always able to communicate with my beloved ones despite of the long distance.

Finally, I can watch on YouTube funny clips and videos. These always cracks my ribs with is very healthy to every person. Internet has made a great impact in my life.
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Yes. I can definitely live without internet. I love hanging around with my kids and family, watching movies, going to malls and out of town trips. I love going to the library to research on a topic. I like playing board games with my friends. I love going to the sea side, beach ad climb mountains to commune with nature. I miss talking to people on the phone. But unfortunately in the world today, people are becoming more dependent in internet in their everyday life. Though internet provide us a means to make communication easier, it gives us the advantage of having the knowledge in a click of mouse without going to all the libraries, you cannot replace the fact that it makes our life easier and convenient but very hectic and busy.
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I recently had to go without internet for a couple of days as my router broke and although I hated it I found other things to do because I had no choice. It would be the same for any of us although more difficult for those who make a full income from working at home.

I must admit I did fret a little when I found out.  I couldn't do much because everything is connected. I couldn't watch TV or Netflix, I couldn't post on my online sites and I generally had too much time on my hands. However I cleaned my house from top to bottom. read a little more, went out shopping for a new router and generally filled my time in other ways.

The answer is yes, I can live without the internet but I would hate it if I was without it on a long term basis because it occupies my time in a way that I enjoy and puts me in touch with people from all over the world.
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Before now I never really cared about the internet but now it really a needed thing for me,not with  the varieties of things I can make or do with the internet.

Internet helps me to interact with friends and family far and wide

It makes researching a lot more better,can't remember the last time I was at a library.

It helps to keep me in doors most days I could surf the net for a very long time.

I get the latest information at a go when once there's internet connection then information is at ones finger's tips

Most rewarding is the enablement one has to work from the confides of ones home.Making money even in one's pajamas can't be better than thus.

With these I doubt I can live without the internet.
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There's absolutely nohing I can't live without but the only thing now is that internet is very important that is why we need it now than ever.Internet is the bedrock of almost all the activities in our daily lives now,I can't imagine what it will be like years to come.

With the way everything is almost done with the internet from working,to researching,down o connecting with both new and old friends,it is becoming very difficult to live with logging into the internet daily.

The most now is that we can reach the world from our location,we don't need to fly miles unend to meet any one for any reasons,the world is now a global village because  the internet connections. Which is awesome.
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I can live without internet but not for two days or more. I realized that when our internet was not yet fixed and I am waiting for the technician to arrive. Week had passed and no one is arriving. I have online jobs and I get my additional earnings from it so it is a big cut to me if there is no internet. I am not the type of person who uses internet for gaming and for social media. I used it more for earning online, researching, learning and downloading. i am using it for my benefits and for the benefits of my family as well so I will feel bad if i don't have internet. It is a big help to me. Even my offline work is depending on it so I need an Internet in able to finish it.  I do mostly researching and it is quite beneficial if you have internet at home.
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I cannot live without the internet. For one, my work requires me to constantly check emails and respond to them promptly. On a personal level, the internet is one of the things that help me cope with sadness. It offers a variety of things to do from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to watching educational, trivial and silly videos on Youtube. Moreover, as a student, there are times when I rely on the internet for tutorials of lessons that I am having a hard time with, and it never fails me.

More importantly, it is also through the internet that we get to communicate with other people even though they are thousands of miles away. Seeing my loved ones via videochat or talking to them constantly, I could say, is one of the best gifts this technology has given us.
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It is a very tricky question to answer. This great invention of the century called 'internet' had penetrated every one's life in such an extent that almost every one of us are forced to use it either directly or indirectly. Why am I saying like this? It is because, in today's fast paced digital life, everything is connected to internet and people are forced to approach online for their needs and wants.

A person may not be having internet connection at his home due to his illiteracy or his financial condition. Still, he or she has to approach internet through some one else on his behalf for any work. Internet has taken our lives in its fold, I would say.
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No. I cannot live without Internet. I am a computer operator. Without Internet, How Can I Work?. Many business industries and fields are working by using the Internet. Without Internet IT Industries become down. Personally, I want to be update every news immediately. Without Internet , there is no mail, no online shopping, no other activities. It's almost another lock down for me. 
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