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Sometimes filmmakers try to make a bad guy look like a good guy.  I mean Sure!  He shoots people and gets paid for it.  But if his bullet happens to hit a little girl, all of a sudden this cold-blooded killer has a heart of gold.  That's so unrealistic.  A bad guy is a bad guy.  I hate those kinds of movies.  I like movies where the bad guy gets it in The End because ... he had it coming!  All his life choices were his own.  He is a heartless criminal and he ought to pay for his crimes.  Don't you like movies where the bad guy receives the punishment he deserves?


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That is such a cute picture of someone behind bars haha, anyways I do like a couple of villains, but sometimes they turned bad because of some misunderstandement or even because life was rough. I like to see how they become good people again, after all most people deserve a second chance. But when the bad guys are true evil and mean I really like to see justice happening, even if on the movies (since it is all a work of art, fiction really). I realy love to explore the villains that in the end are not vilans that sometimes are just people that happened not understood. I like seeing the redemption, but if they are just oozing evil I would rather see them behind bars as soon as possible.
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Thanks for this response.  I get what you're saying about people who choose to repent.  Your comments also made me think of a TV series I watched a long time ago.  It was about a politician who was really ruthless and corrupt.  He used his political position and even murdered people and covered up his crimes.  When the series ended he was still alive.  I heard that the viewing public was outraged!  They couldn't stand the fact that the series ended with the corrupt politician still being alive and well and never paying for his crimes.  They wrote about it and complained.  The people who created the TV show actually brought the series back and aired some more episodes and in the final episode the bad guy got what he had coming.  The public was very pleased. 

Isn't that hilarious?  It was a fictional person but the public couldn't tolerate the idea of justice not being served. :)

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This sounded exactly like "scream " season one when Keiran finally gets what suits him and all along he's been playing the damn good boy game but in sense he's a great murderer. I like those kind of movies although the punishment that those guys do get isn't equivalent to the loss they've cost. The thing, is those kind of guys most of the times happen to be the major characters in the play so they'll never die but rather sent in jail.

As you've said, a bad guy is a bad guy no matter what. At times you find they'll end up escaping from jail so that they can continue with their mission because they're getting some favours in exchange for their services. Actually, that's what makes the movie interesting otherwise, the person being sent to jail and does nothing will bring the move to the end.
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Well yes.  I do understand that the movie has to have a plot or a story line that keeps people interested.  When it's fiction you can write it The End any way you want.  The really shocking series or movies are the ones based on a true story and the criminal really does manage to evade justice.  Those are distressing and very scary.  The damage, grief and pain caused to the ones who loved the victims has got to be the worst possible agony one can experience in their life.  That's why I am glad for shows like Unsolved Mysteries or America's Most Wanted.  Those shows have literally brought criminals to justice.
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I used to watch a programme called Dexter. He was a serial killer but only killed bad people, people who hurt others, so when I saw him performing these torturous acts on people I couldn't help being just a little bit pleased even though I know it is wrong to kill people! He was also very handsome and very likable in every day life which made it even harder to dislike him.

In most cases I like it when the baddie gets his comeuppance and that's the way films usually pan out because the writers know that's what the viewers want to see. It makes a fitting conclusion to a movie although I have seen a few whether the criminal gets away at the end (even though most of the main characters have been saved) and that makes it possible for a sequel.
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Oh I remember Dexter.  My son liked that show.  I hated it!  Yes I know it was only killing other bad people.  But I just couldn't stomach the methods he used and the fact that he was getting away with murder.  I probably watched about 2 episodes.  There was no way I could become a regular viewer.
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Ofcourse I love movies where the bad guy gets it. Often times I see that bad guys like a serial killers get served in the end and it turns out that they had a sort of psychological problem perhaps due to abuse in their childhood that led to that. However, I can't help but feel pity on them in such situations. I also watch a lot of horror movies that still end horribly. You find that all of the innocent characters die and the bad guy or the evil lives on and the circle continues. Such movies make me a little upset since evil triumphs in the end. Sometimes it happens like that so that they'd be a sequel to the movie I guess.
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Yes I know that often people show that the person may have suffered some kind of trauma or abuse and that twisted their mind.  But though they suffered abuse and indignities they also were fully aware of the difference between good and evil and knew what they were doing was wrong.  I'm like this.  If you're sensible enough to know that your crimes need to be hidden or covered up so that you don't go to jail for what you're doing, then you're not that crazy!  Also, there are other people who have suffered abuse but they didn't grow up and become murderers.  So the killer really doesn't have any excuse and anything they say as "justification" for their criminal deeds is no justification at all.  Oh sure!  You were abused.  But the people you killed?  Were they the ones who abused you?  In most cases the answer is NO!
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I do believe that bad guys could be good guys, even in real life. I do believe that the baddest of all has a good side. Well, when talking about movies, yes, of course, I want the bad guys get what they deserve at the end of the movie. It will give us a relief and we will believe there is justice even only with movies. Karma is moving that what you do to others you deserve to have it too. What goes around comes around so that you will feel how hard it is to be the one at the end of the wheel. It gives me a good feeling when the lead character gets the right treatment. Everyone deserves good thing but sometimes it happens in the end. I wonder in real life because I do believe that when it is not the end then the problem is not yet solved because it is not the end.
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My thing is that movies have a tremendous impact and influence on the general public.  Psychologists have shown that certain people can become "desensitized" from viewing certain content and after a while it loses it's "shock value".  When something bad happens, and it appears that people living a criminal life are being rewarded for their life choices and lifestyle, sometimes people can get desensitized.  That is to say, it doesn't really bother them that the bad guy got away.  It doesn't shock them and they're not displeased or upset.  The bad guy outsmarted the cops.  That's cool!  But in reality, it's not cool and it never will be.  Movies that make the bad guy look cool or smart or "good" and let them always evade justice might give some people "ideas" that maybe they can commit a crime in real life and never have to pay for it.  It's the psychology of it.
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Did you ever watch the TV series Breaking Bad? This guy was a stand-up husband, teacher, and dedicated father. Then one day he found out he had cancer and didn't have much time to live. In his job, he knew it wouldn't provide for his family so he started to cook crystal meth. He joined up with this other guy and bought a motorhome. He just wanted to do this long enough to get the money he needed to leave his family. It was a fun story and it showed all the problems he had in his adventure. In the end, he did lose it all. He lost his family, his cancer came back, and his wife and kids no longer wanted to talk to him. He ended up hiding from the law in some cabin in the mountains and would get his cancer treatments from his friend.
This type of film was hard for me to think the bad guy should get it in the end. I understand he was wrong for doing what he did, but what other choice did he have. He was dying from cancer and only wanted to make sure his family was taken care of. This type of story I wouldn't want to see this guy get it in the end. I sort of like the way it ended and he was dying but killed in the end. I guess there are certain stories where the bad guy is actually a good guy who is left with limited choices and chooses the wrong way in the end.
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I am with you on this. I would like to see these bad guys be punished for the wrong things they've done. Remember that these movies were not just plain fiction. There are always possibilities that these will happen in real life.

However, if you are one of those people who believe that people are inherently good, there is also nothing wrong with that. After all, we are all capable of changing. I do know some people who have been very good in the past but life awakened the demon inside them. Do the bad things he has done will discredit the good things he has done before? I think we also need to know his or her story. Another thing is that there are also times when the situation where we are in leaves us no choice but to do bad things. The world is cruel.

I think all of us have done a couple of bad things in our life.
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Honestly, there is nothing that thrills me movies than in seeing the villain killed. It gives me great feeling of excitement especially if he is a bad guy that has committed so many atrocities. I believe that's makes me love serial killer kind of movies. The bad guy always appears elusive to the good guy that is trying to nip his sinister activities into the bud.

I find it quite fascinating and enthralling in seeing how the good guy is plotting to get him by all means necessary, and yet he continues to remain unsuccessful until luck will run out on the bad guy.

One movie I refer is "Raw Nerve by Mario Van Peeples". He was really into so many kind of bad stuffs as an ex cop. But at last I was pleased to see how he got killed miserably.
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I still want the ideal ending, which everything will be resolved in the end. I want justice to prevail in the end, of course. And if the man makes mistakes, he should face the charges against him.

If for a love story, I want a happy ending having the couple in love to be with each other. I do not like melodrama ending wherein the woman dies of an illness and the man became happy with a child from her. Ugh! I really do not like that kind of ending. Or for action, where the lead man fought hard but in the end the villain wins, and you as the viewer will wait for the sequel of the story to know what will happen next Ugh! What is happening with the story?
For the villains, there are three things that happen to them in the end of the story"

1. to be incarcerated in prison

2. to be mentally disabled

3. to die hehe =)

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