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No doubt lots of people venture into business with the intention to make profits from the business and also to sustain It for a longer period of time but after a short period of time some people just have to quit. What are the possible ways that made them fail in business? 

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I think many people go into business without realising how much capital they are going to need and how much work they will have to put in. A business won't run itself, it needs constant skillful planning and attention. Most business owners have to work far more hours than if they were an employee.

Maybe they don't do enough research into the line of work they have chosen so have unrealistic ideas about how successful they are going to be. There is a programme on television at the moment where a woman presenter visits people who have set out on a new venture, full of hope and excitement. She comes back after a year to see how they have got on and many of them have failed. They either lost interest when things didn't take off right away or carried on putting more money into the business and making no profit.
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There are many reasons why someone might fail when involved in any kind of business. Sometimes it is not even the person's fault, but a sum of different things that end up causing the person to fail. For example, some people have a bright idea but have no idea how to invest or even how to run a business. Sometimes someone is bright and have an incredible idea but those around him or her have no way to help (due to lack of knowledge). Sometimes the person is a true business person but has no support from friends and family or even have no money to invest in the career or business. Sometimes some business also come and go, and sometimes people invest everything in the wrong things. In some cases the person just does not have emotional structure to deal with all the details that come from having a business.
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Coming up with a business requires proper planning. You cannot wake up one day and open a business, that's not possible. Most people fail in business due to poor planning strategies. The profits that they earn from the business,they end up eating all of it instead of investing some in the business.

Also another problem could be poor managerial skills. You can have all the capital to run the business plus ready market but you fail to manage it. If you know that that's your weakness, the you can go ahead and hire someone to help you out.

Finally, lack of capital. This is the major factor affecting businesses and most are closed due to lack of enough capital. Loans can really help in this provided that its not a new business but rather an existing one.
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I always see lack of patience as one of the most reasons why people failed in business a lot of people go into business with the mindset of making it big overnight and as such at the slightest issue they want to back out and refused to continue.

Most business tycoons I read about have one bad story or the other to tell,they made all the mistakes, took all the wrong decisions but what kept them going was patience, they knew if they kept at it,they will realize their mistakes, work at it and make it big.

Patience is one virtue all intending business individuals should imbibed, Calm down to learn the intricacies of a business even if it doesn't go as expected, keep at it and give patience a chance to the end to see success.
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I think people fail in business because of lots of things. First, maybe they are not sure of the business they started. The lack of knowledge of the business you are starting will fail you the soonest. Second, idea fits you but experience with doing it will guide you all throughout. If you will not take an effort to know your business and execute your plans about it, then you will never learned. If you will not like what you are doing, you will not give your hundred percent effort to know your business. You need to like what you do before you able to learn it. You need to like it so that learning will not be as bad as you think. Another is maybe you are not ready to have business. You already tried but you think it is not for you now, so you stop for now and be matured more.
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there are lots of problems which cause people to fall in business, among of the factors is as follows:-

Low education of how to conduct business cause many people to fall when starting a business, in a business there is a lots of process need to be done systematic in order to avoid loss and increase profit
Government support also is another issue that affect many business men, Government need to support their people by providing good policy about the business conducted inside the country
Innovation is just a process of innovating (make something established , especially by introducing new method, idea or product) or is an application of new idea that meet requirements, Most business men fall because of low innovating
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The most import thing about starting a business venture is the foundation which includes funds, planning, research, execution. These things need to be taken step by step in order to come up with solid foundation for business.Some consider mentoring while others do critical research on the success and failure of similar business ventures. Without a foundation, ventures often fail.

Some people will go into business with the mindset of immediate monetary gains and this is often not the case. In the process of start ups, more time is taken for the business to pick up. Sometimes a little more than anticipated and it is at this moment some people decide that it  isn't working and They make up their mind to quit.
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