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I am setting up a new e-commerce website using Woocommerce. Everything is fine and working except for one problem. When I try to checkout with the Paypal button it works. But clicking onto the default checkout button a loading spinner is appearing and stays endless. I am only using the default Paypal plugin with Woocommerce as a payment method. How to solve this problem? I tried everything and I am frustrated now. please help


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This is a common problem among Woocommerce users. When you go to support pages of Woocommerce they will say you have to keep the default theme storefront and should not use any other plugin together with it. But actually, the case is different. Some troubleshooting sites including Stackoverflow are referring to the ajax problem which was an older issue later fixed I think. Latest Woocommerce forum posts are pointing out that the site URL and  Wordpress URL should be the same. It doesn't make sense at all as people may use their store on a different folder or even subdomain. Anyhow my understanding is here that you may check for test and try the method.

You can Solve the endless loading spinner on place order page on Woocommerce by removing the Smart Payments Buttons or Paypal buttons from the Woocommerece settings page. Go to Woocommerece > Settings > Payment and uncheck Paypal Smart Payment buttons / Paypal buttons which may differ according to the plugin and payment method you use. Use only one type of button. Stripe connect also has some kind of buttons like the same. By using any one of the checkout buttons, you can go to place order function without any problem.

The actual problem occurs here is nothing but the overlay of both buttons. That may be referred to a CSS or HTML error. Nothing bigger than that. That's it!
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Did everything as you mentioned. Still, I am having the same problem. I even tried reinstalling the whole thing. Still no luck. Should I do anything more in the codes?
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Okay, this time I am giving you an ultimate tip to solve your problem. This simple hack will never show that endless spinner on your woocommerce checkout page again. Follow the below steps.

1) Go to the control panel (Cpanel or any alternative) and then click on the file manager tab

2) Browse to the folder publichtml/ or wordpress installation folder

3) Then go to the folder wp-plugin/woocommerce/templates/checkout/

4) Find the file named review-order.php

5) Delete it!

This review order file is for reviewing the shipping address input fields on your checkout page. Even if you delete it there won't be any issue to your cart or checkout page. So it is safe to delete it.

After deleting this file you will never get that problem of endless rotating spinner anymore on your woocommerce checkout page.

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Thank You very much. It works like a charm. Now there is no endless spinner gif animation and my Woocommerce store is working perfectly. <3 :)

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