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I'll presume that in an apocalyptic situation, there'd be no world order because of chaos and destruction. The human race would be endangered and perhaps at the brink of extinction. In this sort of world, the most important thing would be "trying to survive."

Human beings would immediately develop different survival instincts. There'd be no use for money, power, position and titles. The one who holds the mantle would be the one that has what people need-food, water, protection. I don't think there'd be any need for paper money or virtual currency. Perhaps trade by batter would surface. Give what you have and take what you need.

I would definitely dread such a situation. Only the fit will survive .The laws of nature will naturally select those who would survive and probably create a new world order or else it might be the end of mankind.
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I totally agree with you it will all be disorder and confusion and maybe people looking for ways to survive which I believe will be the most important thing.Means to survive.
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As a Christian I think it will be important because the end of the world is what most of us yearn for so that we can be saved. Although times are predicted to be tough and only a few can survive the tragedies that will be experienced. As a Christian those tragedies are meant to strengthen our faith and put out hope in the Most High.

Much has been predicted and how mysterious things will happen, for instance, global warming killing people as the ozone layer will be disrupted to allow penetratiion of the sun. How the earth will collapse swallowing people, people killing each other mercilessly among other predicaments. No one knows whether this is science fiction or it will come to pass as predicted in the Bible. Its just a matter of living while ready for anything and being optimistic about tomorrow.
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The question is about how the world would be if an apocalyptic event were to occur. what would happen? what would be more important to the people at that time?
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Did you know that the word apocalypse is an ancient Greek word which actually refers to some type of uncovering, a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. Just thought to point that out.

In the sense of the modern day meaning given to apocalypse, an apocalyptic world would refer to an almost completely destroyed earth with little or no resources left for the few survivors. If I was among those survivors of such an apocalyptic world, my life, living, would be of utmost importance to me. No matter how bad any situation is, we always want to keep on living because wherever there's life, there's hope.

However, if we were to draw from a wider scale or perspective, the utmost important thing would be the continued existence and preservation of the human race. Almost everything is possible with humans. Look how far we've come and our astonishing achievements since the first man walked on earth. An apocalyptic world doesn't necessarily mean the complete end of the world. Hence, with the continued existence of humans, we can still rebuild the world to what it once was.
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For me, what is important in apocalyptic world is to be with your family no matter what. When we die as a victim of this apocalyptic world, we will no longer see our family. When we are fighting to survive, it should be with full bravery and we should survive together with our family. As long as we are still alive, we should be living. We should be fighting for our lives. What is important is that every single family member, regardless of age, would open their mind that there are lots of destruction, challenges and sacrifices that we will about to face that is why we need to be strong and brave. That when one died, one family member, we still continue to fight for the remaining ones not because we are about to die, but still we need to fight because we are alive.
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