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Any of my photographs that I think will sell I'll put on my Shutterstock profile. Unless you're able to do freelance work for clients online, your best be of making money is to sell your stuff on sites like Pond5, Shutterstock, Istockphoto, etc.

I only sell on Shutterstock, but its nice because when your photos are accepted and put online, all revenue is passive. You don't have to do to earn from it, it just come as people download your work. My portfolio only has about 40 images, so I only make around $0.35 to $0.60 every month on sales. But if you really buckle down and put together a large and impressive portfolio, you could easily be making good money every month from your photography.

Shutterstock application process are somewhat lengthy you have to submit 10 photo's and it must be approved by a reviewer in order for you to be accepted and be able to sell through them.
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There are several ways in which a photographer can earn online especially from paid to upload photos. I have no specific name of the site but I can refer you to bmf and you'll find the whole list of such sites. In these sites you can be given instructions where to take the pictures from or you can be told to visit a certain store and take a picture of it. Also, you can be told to visit a restaurant and take a picture while you're eating. One thing with these kind of sites is that they require high quality pictures.

Also, there's a site called tuetego. It pays people for uploading quality pictures although the pay is very several. The more you upload the pictures the higher you can earn. This also requires high quality pictures.
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A photographer earnings are mostly passive in nature cos it a one time commitment that continuously yield results.
There are different sites where you can a photographer by uploading your photos or images and you get paid per downloads or sales. Examples of such sites are: 500px prime,  smugmugpro, istockphoto,  shutterstock with this site you can earn up to $100 monthly depending on the level of downloads.Esty Is also another market place to sell your images too. There also paid to upload sites that rewards users for uploading their images whenever it reacher 1000 downloads.
Survey sites some times required taking of pictures of either your self,  your gadgets and some things in your environment while you earn from this task,  I have had an experience of this with Streetbees surveys.
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I have a favorite actor and I followed his every journey before his death. When he was still alive, he has this passion in photography. He bought good quality of dlsr camera to capture pictures of his family. Someone from his circle of friends gave him an idea to sell his pictures of natures. He loves to capture pictures of nature and he has unique technique on how to capture it. He tried to sell it as well and he got his success. So the answer to this question is a photographer loves to take pictures, it should be passion over money first. If you love what you do and you earn from it, then it is a bonus. If you have a talent in taking pictures and you want to earn from it, you just need to share on proper website. Or if you want to start a business, you need to have it and you need to add some editing techniques as well.

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