Getting to know our fears of intimacy and how they inform our behavior. 
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it really scares me a lot the lack of love of that person towards me, when i am really loving and taking things seriuly and another reason would be the distrust that could exist because of third parties. 
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I guess the word rejection or being cheated by my partner. I am not afraid to love but scared if not going to work out in all directions.
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What scares me about loving somebody is loving somebody who does not love me back. Thts what scare me the most. Love is such a risky business. You can love whole heartedly and not have that same feeling reciprocated. 
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Love is full of happiness, joy, peace and excitement when you are with the right person or right partner. what scares me about love is when your partner betrays you and yet you are not aware, when your partner pretends to love you yet in reality they actually do not love you. 
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