what I observe is that many of those who help needy people took pictures for them and post on social media, or make videos or go live to show on Tik Tok? for me this is not ethical .what do you think of this?
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Never and it's not fair all . Helping someone should be from free will and not announce that you did it. Even the bible says when the right hand gives, the left hand should not now. That's how serious it is 
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you are right that what should be as Jesus said :

So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the street, to be honored by others.trully I tell you , they have received their reward in full.

Matthew :6:1-4
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It's unethical to help a needy person and then go on telling and showing it to the word for recognition.Helping  someone should come from the heart and not expect anything in return.If you help people and post it for people to see it then that is not helping out of good but rather selfish gain.
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100% right helping should cone from the heart , not to post in public just to get likes and followers, a perso  who post this hurt needy people mire than helping them.
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Helping people and telling it to the world is definitely not help but indirect way of showing off your wealth,if you motives are genuine why take pictures of those you have help and posting it on social media.
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I agree, when a person want to help needy people it should not be in front of people m it should be done secretly and if a picture is taken and posted on social media then it is a show more than helping, it turn to be using that needy people to get likes and follows.
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It depends sometime announcement helps to initiate the other person to do this ethical activity for others ,but if the needy peoples is not comfortable on that announcement it is unethical to announce without their approval.
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i respect your opinion but I disagree with you , because no one from the needy people like to spread that they are needy and they get helped in front of the whole world. no need even to ask them to make videos and take pictures to help them,

If we want to encourage others to help needy people first we should taught them how to do this in a secret way .
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When poverty is so immediate and the suffering so intense, the world has a moral and strategic obligation to fight poverty and to address the human rights concerns of the most vulnerable. The poorest are more likely to experience human rights violations, discrimination or other forms of persecution.
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Yes you are right but to be more specific to help needy from any person and announce it on TikTok to get more followers and fans,or those associations that help and announce it on TV its very bad it should be done secretly.
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This is an old-school way in politics that they show or even brag about doing it. If you really wanted to be a miracle worker, you need to work silently.
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Some people use it for a purpose, for their own benefit and that's very bad.yes it should be done in silent.
Indeed, they need to stop doing this. However, it is impossible. This old system will continue for years and years.
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No no no, it is not cool for us to annouce to the world that we helped someone in need with our resources it is a total act of complete hypocrisy
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No, it'll never be ethical to announce while helping someone because this act can surely humiliate the person to whom we are helping. We should help others as of we are giving charity that is never publicly announced. Although a good always be appreciated and ideas can be given so that others can also help the needy.
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