do you appreciate your father and mother and take care of them, what is annoying me is that most of people these day forget their father and mother and ignore them. What do you think.
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Yes, we should honor our parents. Without them l won’t be here and where l am now. I owe my life to them. As a child, we should learn to understand that at some point in our life that we need to repay them for all their hardships and sacrifices for us. Since my late father is gone it's only my mom that l need to focus onto. I should try my best to help her in my little way. Help and make her happy in my little way while she’s here with me. At least l will not have some regrets later that l didn't give most or some of my time with her that money can never buy. 
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what you are saying is totally right and I wish all the people think this way, as there are many who don't respect their parent and never even ask about them. They forget all the things and how their parents sacrifice to grow them up. and a good point that you indicate to is a regret, sometimes things can't be fixed, like those who don't honor their parents and days passed and their parents passed away, what will regret do for them, in case they feel regret.
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off-course i appreciate my father and my mother for what they did to me ,above all they raised me ,they give me chance to education and they are the foundation for who i am today ,i adore them.
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I am happy to hear that and I respect that you never forget what they did for you.
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Yes, my parents are my world.. I love & respect them so much. They have done a lot of sacrifices for their children's growth and happiness. Now it's our turn to make them happy and healthy in every manner. It's our responsibility to take good care of them and make their environment much lovable!
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Yes you are right we have to take care of them when they get older so to return the love they gave and still giving to us.
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As for me I respected my late dad and mam so much.

I don't see any point as to why you marginalize your parents and these are the people that brought you to life.

Even the bible urges us to respect our parents and termed this commandment as the first commandment with a promise Ephesians 6:1-2
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Parents should be number one in our lives and we have to honor them and respect them and return the favor for them, because they give us all the love and sacrifice to make us happy. 

Also in the fifth commandment in the bible it said : Honor your father and your mother.
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Honoring your parents is the ultimate obligation of kids, even the holy bible makes it clear. Kids are supposed to honor their parents in the lord. Because parents are the creators of babies and if you don't honor curses might probably follow you.
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What I think is that who don't honor their parents , one day their kids will not honor them in the future. it is like the way you treat you get treated.
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Indeed, we ought to respect our folks. Without them l won't be here and where l am presently. I owe my life to them. As a youngster, we ought to figure out how to comprehend that sooner or later in our life that we really want to compensate them for every one of their difficulties and penances for us. Since my late dad is gone it's just my mother that l need to concentrate onto. I ought to make an honest effort to help her in my little manner. Help and satisfy her in my little manner while she's here with me. Essentially l won't have a few laments later that l didn't give most or a portion of my experience with her that cash can never purchase.
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I respect those who honor their father and mother, nothing can compensate or take the place of our parents, so we have to care of them help them and spend a lot of time with them.
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Yes. I love my parents. They sponsor my education till date.  I've never regret anyway and anyday since I was born.   I love them 
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I am happy to hear that and what our parents made for us is all out of their love and because they always want us to be the best.
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your parents must be the first people you learn from how to walk, talk, think ect, they determine who you will become. even the most difficult person knows who to give respect. If you don't respect your parents then, you are not even close to the ill-mannered. But today, i would say apples don't fall far away from tree so it runs in families sometimes..
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Always family first , father and mother first and who give an excuses to ignore them and never honor them will be treated the same way in the future.

As they sacrifice to raise us and give us good life we should return that love to them.
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I always have respect for both my biological parents. Even though they are not here anymore, my siblings, their families, and I continue to show respect to them spiritually. 
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I think both play a very important role in my life.It is impossible for me to choose,given that it took the two to make me who I'm today.
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I can agree with you more. I do think that both of them molded us to be who we are right now. It is not also healthy to choose.
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I consider both my parents as my earthly gods,they are the most wonderful people in the world,although sometimes,it gets hard betweens us,we still humans after all
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