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One must take note of the following things when going for an interview;
1. One must be well dressed. Meaning dress properly by following rules
2. One must be well composed and avoid misbehaving like, barging into the room or sitting down before asked to do so.
3. One must answer questions strictly and avoid off-points. And in the case where there is no idea; one must not fool him self.
4. One must not use virgue or informal languages.

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Job interview always makes people tense because how you express yourself will determine whether you'll get the job or not. The most important thing you should never do during the interview is panicking, make yourself as comfortable as possible. Being comfortable can only be achieved when you report for the interview 30minutes before so that you get familiar with the environment.

Also, wear neatly and decently. Your dressing code speaks a lot about you. For the ladies, its advisable not to put much make up. Have some courtesy especially during the interview, the words your utter and how you express yourself.

Finally after the interview say thanks and lock the door behind. Generally, you need to be cautious of how you express your with a lot of confidence, that's the only secret.
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One of the questions that no candidate likes to face during the job interview is ' what's your weakness?' The employer may purposely ask this to eliminate applicants who are not ready for this. At the same time, there are ways you can overcome this unpleasant question or situation.

Be honest. Even though I advise you to be honest, you should not be too honest. You must consider the weaknesses that do not affect your job opportunities. For example, if you apply for a position in a human resource, you should not say that you are bad at relationships with others, or if you apply for a position as a salesman, you should not say your negotiating skills are poor.
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I know someone who was really clever and had the all right qualifications but did really badly in interviews. I could have told him why but I know it would really have offended him. The reason was he was very scruffy and didn't present himself well at interviews.

I think dressing smartly, looking clean and well turned out is of the utmost importance. The first thing the interviewer will notice when you walk through the door is how well presented you are and it is important to make a good impression from the start. Smile, be polite and shake his/her hand, answer any questions as best you can and never talk over the interviewer.

Of course it's important to do your homework too and find out a bit about the company where you are applying for a job. Take any qualifications you have with you and explain why you want a job with their company, look interested in what the interviewer says and ask any questions you might have. Just generally create a good impression and hopefully you will get the job.
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Job interviews isn't a life sentence so I wonder why people jittery a lot when they appear before panelist. It isn't rocket science to know that one will be facing strangers with some intimidating faces so it behoves on the person to learn self confidence. One kills a lot of people on an interview isn't the questions but fear.

Learn to be confident in the face of stress and tension and learn to be calm. When once one is nervous simple question becomes so big and difficult to answer.

Try to find out about the company you are applying to work in,know little about what it all about if you can't find out any information online then you can call in to the company and find out few information about it.
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I think one needs to be careful in answering questions specifically questions like why do you leave your previous job? what do you hate about your employer? What do you hate about in a job? Or answering some questions with all honestly of what you really feel about when you left your previous job. I think even though you hate your previous job and you hate your situation there, you still need to show a good reputation of your previous employer because you came from there. It is not good to back stab or talk behind your previous employer as your future employer will think you will do the same with them once you are about to leave them too. You just need to be professional even if dealing with pain in the job industry with chin up and heads up.

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