if you believe in god? you can live without God on your side?
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I do not think that loyal followers of Jesus will live without Him. In fact, He is always there deep in our hearts. For those who will deny this, then they are not the real followers.
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No!,a true believer of Jesus Christ cannot live without Him. Christ is the truth,the way and light to a christian's life that is why we need Him to see the kingdom of heaven 
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No I can't live without Jesus, for me I am proud that I born Christian , I follow Jesus steps and I like to hear or read Jesus words everyday. Jesus is love and peace and without Jesus there will be no love and peace thank god I am Christian.
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A BIG No. I really cannot see myself wandering the place and wondering on things that surrounds me without HIM. It is HIM who gave it all. It's Jesus who give rise to things we're into today. Life with Him take full challenges that ties your beliefs in Him. We shall live our life on Earth with Jesus.
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There is no way a true believer can live without Jesus. I am a believer and can never live without God. He is the essence of life. 

Jesus is the Way, the truth and the life! To live without Him is to live without light. 
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I believe in the existence of the almighty God. 

I cannot live without God personal. I pray and God wakes me up in the morning. He is the one who enables me to stand up and rises me to my feet ready for the day's work.

He guides me wherever I go and come back.

God is my everything in short I cannot survive without him
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Jesus Christ does not reside inside of the human being, we learn the holy books so that lesson in them stick in our minds. So humans can live without Jesus Christ in them, human cannot live without the gift of life from God rather.
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No, in everything I do and think I make sure that Jesus is always on my side. He is the center of my life in all I do. He is my strength to help me in my everyday challenges in life. He is the first that I can approach right away wherever I am if I need help with my problems. I thanked Him for always being on my side to guide and protect me at all times.
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You can't do anything and prosper without having Jesus and God by your side. That's a given. Alwys involve God and Jesus in your life, weather you are happy or sad.
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