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People who don't want to leave even their own body free!
I don't judge a person by how much tattoo he got on his body, I judge the person by his character not physical. Tattoos is an art and lot of people doing it.

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I don't judge a person who has tattoos although if they are covered from head to foot to the point where they look scary it is hard not to be judgmental. Many of my friends have them and it makes no difference to me whether I like the tattoo or not, it's the person who is important.

I remember seeing an advert where there was a picture of a doctor saving someone's life dressed in his doctor's coat and looking very professional. Then it showed him in casual clothes with tattoos all up his arms as he looked when he was off duty. I wonder how many people would think of him differently if they only saw him with the tattoos.

Tattoos are often a way in which people express themselves. Some of the pictures have a special meaning to that person. Whether they are with or without them they are still the same person inside.
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I agree, having a tattoos is an impression of themselves, sometimes it has a deep meaning and reasons behind the tattoo.
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I see people with tattoos as I see every other normal human being. I like to think of it as body art. Although there are people especially in my society that identify people with tattoos as wayward, rugged and unruly but most times they are quite the opposite. I think people get tattoos done for different reasons. Some do it for fun, fashion while others have tattoos with deep spiritual meanings.

I don't see why it is okay to have henna done for body beautification and tattoos are not okay because they are body modification. Perhaps because they are mostly permanent but so is the tribal marks that local tribes do and it is pretty much accepted because its part of the culture.

I think that there's more to a person than physical attributes but that seems to matter more in some societies than it does in  others.
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I always see them as normal people, tattoos are just like normal piercings. I think people have a negative attitude towards people with tattoos because its condemned in the Bible. You might find people with all sorts of tattoos but they really have a very kind heart than someone who pretends to be pure. Tattoos are just a form of beauty like piercings hence no need of looking down upon those people with tattoos.

Lots people  usually talk ill of them and i was just wondering what if someone drew a tattoos containing Jesus picture, what will they say?? On the contrary, too many tattoos on the body aren't good for one's health because you might end up getting skin Cancer. One or two are okay since it's something permanent.
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Forgive my asking but it is out of curiosity. Is the word tattoo specifically contained in the Bible? 
Ooh my God! Do you  always read the Bible? Leviticus 19:28 and it says " must not put tattoo marking on your body/ any cuttings/ any piercings". Go reread this well.
No I don't read the often Bible. I'm not Christian and I'm not expected to. However, when I need some clarification at times like this, I refer to it. So I searched and I saw various content. Probably different versions but I noticed that KJV mentioned imprint and Markings rather than tattoos. It probably refers to tattoos and the likes. My confusion was whether when the Bible was revealed, the word  "tattoos" was used since the word isn't archaic. 
@ruthmongare...allow me point out something a lot of Christians do not understand.  Book of Liviticus is a complete Jewish text. It is believe to be the teachings and preachings of Moses passed down to the isrealites on or before the end of the kingdom of Judah.  Christianity adopted it as part of old testaments so it could be used as a reference for the religion, bases on the sections that speaks on the teachings and life of Jesus Christ.  Haven't you ever wondered why they came up with a new testaments? It's because they got rid of many writings which isn't really Christianity. But still, some were left in the new testament, some like your reference.  So, the part of Liviticus that speaks on tattoos isn't Christianity, even if it were, tattoo is an 18th century word. How comes it's called tattoo in the bible writing some 2000 years ago? 
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I have always loved tattoos especially on one's arms and legs with very beautiful symbol or art work as the tattoo. I see nothing wrong with having a tattoo on if one really loved to.

Tattoo comes with different meanings and it always symbolic to the wearers,some have it on for remembrance, some as fashion, some to show creativity, others for uniqueness it helps stands one out.Whatever maybe the reason or reasons for me it all up to the wearer.

People attribute a lot to wearing tattoos, but I don't believed in that, I don't think there's any thing spiritual about a tattoo. I will be getting mine done come next summer I just want to have my kids names crafted on my arms.
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Tattoos are basically the form of body modification in which you draw certain things by mean of pigments, dyes or the ink. They could be permanent or temporary. It is drawn in the dermis layer of the skin for the modification. It is common in most of the world now, in major cities these tattoos are used for the persons identification if he belongs to certain group or other. In asian countries it is done just for the personal interest and they find themselves look cool with these type of modifications.

If you see as perspective of our senior citizens they see them as unruly and rugged and that of youngers they call it as fashion and sometimes passion. Its is the statement from majority i have heard. But every one has the power to show his thinking.

For me, i dont judge people by these type of things. But according to my religion its forbidden so i dont like it for me as well for my brotherhoods.
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I have to be honest, I am avoiding people with tattoos before but when I meet someone with lots of tattoo, I realized, their tattoos has nothing do to with the way they become human to other people. They are still the same person with a different perspective and representation of themselves. I just realized that I have been judgemental with them and they do not deserve it. I met a guy with lots of tattoo. He is a responsible man to his wife and children. He is a responsible father and a son to his parents. He has lots of tattoo. He said that he put it so that people will think of him as strong but he is judged wrongly by lots of people because he looks dirty. I learned a lot from him so from now on I do not judge a person from the way they looks.
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Personally, I don't see anything wrong with those people that are into tattoo. I just don't want to be myopic about some certain things life. I have learnt to be open-minded on everything humans are engaging in and practicing. Although I might not be into them but I have chosen to give a blind eye to them instead of been among those that are sanctimonious on how life should be led.
Apparently, I see those with tattoo as people that are obsessed with the hip hop culture. And this particular artistic disposition, however, influenced there orientation, which makes them to drawn inks on their bodies. Additionally, they are just group of people who want to been seen as gangsters.

In spite the fact of how artistically looking the tattoo people are, I was told that they are also putting the health of their skins in jeopardy. I for one would not in any way because of that criticize them. If tomorrow comes, they are told they are suffering from any kind of skin disease, they alone would be the ones to face the consequences of their actions.
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I think they are just people, folks like everyone else. Come to think of it, this is one topic that gets it's fair share of debate every now and then. But I honestly do not see why we should even engage on debates like this.

Tattoos are almost as old as man himself, though they weren't known as tattoos till the 18th century. The word was derived from another Samoan word, Tatau, meaning to strike. Before then, the most common words which is still in use till date, is tribal marks.

Although tribal marks seems like an act of the past, they were once invoke. They were used as sacrifications for specifically identifying and beautifying the face or body. Almost every known cultured civilization in the world before us inscribed different types of marks on their bodies. The Egyptians had several types of tattoos, so were the Persians, samarians, the native Americans, as well as almost the entire Africans.

Only when we get sentimental, will we judge. Tattoos today are no different from tribal marks. The vast majority of people who have them today, do it under the name of art. A very few percentage use it for identification, people who belong to certain gangs or societal cults. Even important organizations use some form of tattoos for identifying one and another. An example will be the special forces unit in the military. Most of them have distinctive and unique tattoos.  Hence, i see no reason why tattooed skin people should be judged negatively in anyway.
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They are expressing themselves with creating art and putting the said art all over their body using it as a huge canvas to show everyone their work.
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its absolutely normal for me to know about someone with tattoos. By having a tattoo on a persons body doesn't decide the character and thinking of that person. I think its just normal thing to have tattoo on your body.
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We can't judge people by how many tattoos in their body. I don't think anything about the people who have tattoos in their body other than tattoo is good. Yes. There is nothing much about it to think. 
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