do you think you apply the commandments in your daily life 
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Yes, By God's grace I apply the ten commandments in my every day life and I want God to help me keep applying his commandments in my daily life.
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I am sure god will help you keep applying his commandments in your life because you want it from your heart. I am happy to know that there is people who follow and apply god commandments in their daily life.
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Yes I try it to my best level to follow them.

Though it's not easy to follow them but I always pray for God's grace to guide me through that process in my daily life.

As I am a human being and that am not perfect to follow all of them I pray for forgiveness Incase I accidentally break one.
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I agree that no one is perfect, we are human beings and we do mistakes, as for the 10 commandments we can follow them in our daily life , it's in our acting and a way of living. And once we break one of them and pray to god for forgiveness, this means that we know what is right and what is wrong and we get back to follow them.
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Each and every christian tries to while some claim to do so but as a Christian we are supposed to live our life's based on the ten commandments.
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I am not a perfect person but need to do it as much as possible. If I cannot sustain it, then I always ask forgiveness from God. I know He is a loving father to all of us.
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No one is perfect but at least we do our best to apply Jesus commandments it's not difficult .Jesus love us and forgive us but also we have to do our best to apply his commandments in our daily life.
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Following the two greatest has you following all. God has given us the Grace to, sometimes I fall, I reflect but God helps me back. So yes. I follow the commandments
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Nice to hear that, every one fall and do mistakes but once there is faith inside the person then god will help him to return back to the right way and follow the commandments. 
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Being Christian I do try to follow all the 10 commandments, but as a human being, I am not able to keep up with all the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments are not just some rules which we need to follow. It does have a much deeper meaning and it is not easy to follow them especially if you are living between spiritual and worldly life.
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It is easy to follow the 10 commandments , but i also agree with you that we are human beings and we do mistakes , but as we get deeper in the meaning of the 10 commandments we find that it is that guide and light for us to remind us to get back to the right way , if we understand it well and implement it in our life we find that our life is peaceful and with less problems.

For me i find it easy to follow .
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I'm certain god will assist you with continuing to apply his decrees in your day to day existence since you need it from your heart. I'm glad to realize that there is individuals who follow and apply god edicts in their everyday existence.
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I don't know if i should answer yes or no, but i try everyday to follow the ten commandments GOD gave to moses, it is not easy and there are alot of temptations.
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If you have that faith it will be easier to follow them, what is good is that god is always with us and help us to follow them, we can apply them in the way we live and then our life will be easy and we will be more happy and live in peace.
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No one should force you what to eat its how good you live with people and accept God through Christ. this is from the BIBLE, first 1 Timothy 4:1-5 eat anything as they come from God they are clean for as long as you give thanks. if you are a Christian, just eat any by giving thanks God will clean the food. (If you receive food made in unclean manner don't tell me its clean because it is vegetables, pray for the food and its cleaned.) No one follows them all correctly, I mean no one. And we should not be tangled in some, such as what to eat. those commandments were not given to Christians but to the Israelites and they failed to follow them. 

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You are totally wrong these commandments are also for all Christians .things are not about food and praying for food to be clean. and I think many Christians are following at least most of the commandments in their daily life. if you are really Christian and read the bible you will know that these commandments are more important than praying on vegetables and then the vegetable will be clean.

Just saying that you accept god and don't follow his commandments is not faith.

God's commandments are not forced, if you read them carefully you will find that it is easy to follow.

And if you believe in Jesus then look at the first one in the list, you should not pick any verse you like and use it to deny the whole bible to give excuses for the way you choose to live.

God gives us the right to choose between right and wrong .but you don't have the right to deny what is written in the bible.
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