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I have one sister who I get on well with but often wondered what it would have been like to grow up in a large family. How many siblings do you have and do you get on well with them?
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Yes i do. I have five siblings, and i happen to be the last of them. I have two elder brothers as first and second born respectively followed by two sisters before my humble self.

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I have three siblings, two brothers and one sister.I love all of them but at times one of my brother pisses me off. Its because he's very bossy and thinks he's always right. At times we end up quarreling over Petty things and the issue turns out to be a big issue to the extent that we don't talk to each other for weeks.

For the other  brother, I really love him because he's someone whom you can share out your problem and he'll help you solve out. The only problem is that he stays miles away from our home. Finally, there's my sister whose very charming. She actually makes my day especially when am down. We've shared several secrets together and we both know each others boyfriend. Whenever we're mad at each other, I always feel that pinch and I go ask for forgiveness.
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Yes I have siblings. I have three brothers and a sister. Contrary to you, I often imagine how it would have been like if I didn't have any siblings. I don't think I would have loved it because I would have all the attention and that is something I'm not so keen on. I love to be all by myself so I'm glad that there are others to worry and upsess about.

I get a long with all of them very well especially my younger sister. She's my jewel. We keep secrets, support ourselves, help out financially and morally when anyone is down. We basically have got our backs. I couldn't have asked for better and I couldn't have deserved better.
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I'm grateful that I have siblings I sometimes wonder how life would have been without my siblings. I'm from a close knitted family of 4 and we got each other back at all times.

The females among us are just like mothers to the rest of us and they make sure that domestic chores at home are well done.They help out in running the affairs of the home and even financially too.

My siblings are like God-sent to me. I have been able to have the best advisers,counsellors, teachers, confidants, support system and my go to people in all areas of life and they never disappoint.

I always hope that I'm the same way to them and they can write same about me.
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Siblings... The important part of the family or the family itself. The people who are always there when you need them and if they are not there they make the comfort zone around you by their means so you can handle the surrounding nicely. The pure relations that are made by Allah, the blood that floats in their veins always remind of gathering the chain.

The brother that always make fun of you but love you so much that can not hear single word against you from others. The sisters my loved ones that shows you how to be a friend and teaches you the meaning and values of friends.
We were six, but unfortunately one died in an accident 2 years ago he was the eldest one, who cared as like a father. Now i have 4 siblings one brother a d three sisters.
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I have two siblings and I am the middle child.  My difference from the first child is 5 years and the difference from the youngest, is 13 years.  We never expected that we will have a baby brother anymore but he arrived. My relationship with my siblings are good. We fight when we are young but when we grow old, we still fight but I think we only argue when we think one is doing something that will results bad in return. We keep an eye on each other. I think I sometimes became the eldest child when it comes to decision making because my sister is kind of doubting herself on some areas. My brother leans on me when it comes to lot of things and especially on decision making in buying products and gadgets. I think we are not perfect but the love is strong and we are always here for each other.
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Hi! I have only one sister and we are just a year apart. When we were young, I cannot recall the longest time we never had a fight. We fight with the biggest and simplest things until college.

Now that we're both working away from home, I guess maturity has finally kicked in. We became more open to our personal lives. She even sends me random messages of how much she misses me and that I should go home very often or at least whenever she's home.

Being the youngest, I, too, have always dreamed of having a younger brother or sister whom I can bring presents to after being away for a long time, whom I can play silly games with, or whom I can just be crazy around with. Although, that dream has never came true, I am still thankful for the family I have for their love is something I know will last a lifetime.
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My sister and I always fought when we were little but we are the best of friends now, all part of growing up. I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother too. I guess we always want what we don't have.
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