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I fell out with a neighbour around a month ago. Two days later I noticed my car had a big dent in it. I assumed that a car had driven into it while it was parked but when a panel beater looked at it he told me that it looked like vandalism. I could never prove it was my neighbour but I suspect her as she had previously told me she had done something to another car in the past. Has anyone ever damaged your property either by accident or in a revenge act?
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Once in a while the rear view mirrors of my scooter goes missing. That apart, no big loss so far.

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I got the most damage from my best friend,he called to use my laptop for a project work that he was working on because he was to deliver a lecture that weekend and unfortunately his laptop packed up.

Being a good, friend without thinking for a second told him to come get it,two days later he came to my house to apologized with a laptop I couldn't recognize. What happened his baby push it down from the high table he left it .

This wasn't funny at all but what do I do,nothing I had to leave it that to start hustling on how to get a new laptop. I wish it was a distant friend I'm sure I would have asked for a new laptop.
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Yes it's definitely more difficult to ask a friend to replace something they have broken by accident but your friend should have offered something towards the cost of a new one. Laptops aren't cheap.
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Yes, last semester a certain roommate of mine damaged my laptop plus earphones at the same time. I had given her to watch a movie that night. When I woke up in the morning, I found she had kept the laptop in my cabin plus the earphones. Since I was heading to class, I took the earphones because I like listening to music when walking. To my surprise they weren't working. For me it wasn't such a big deal because earphones aren't expensive. Usually after classes i prefer watching some movies then go and read in the evening. When I opened the laptop it was all blank and mark you it was only two weeks old.

I opted to ask her what happened to my laptop. Instead of accepting her mistakes and say sorry it was an accident. She turned the whole conversation to be a quarrel and shouted at the top of her voice. Since I easily lose my tempers, I opted to remain silent the whole semester. Since that day I better be selfish than lend someone my stuff and when its damaged they cannot be responsible.
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Yes, I remember a certain neighbor who hates my father damaged our door. He even entered half of his body but at my young age I able to stop him and pushed him out of the house with all of my strength. We file a complain in our baranggay against him and he didn't even answer or attend to it. When I saw him walking in the street, I give him the gesture that i really hate him. I was looking at him with disgust. He still never did anything about it. I fixed our damage door instead and whenever I am seeing him in the street, I will give him the bad look until grow up and even working, i still give him the same treatment. Now that he is old I already forgiven him but I still give him the look that he deserves. He does not only damage my property but my trust with my neighbor as well.
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My neighbor came the other day  to borrow our vacuum cleaner. My mother had used it earlier and it was in perfect shape. She told us that she needed it urgently and so we gave it to her. The next day she brought it back and said that it didn't  work at all. My mum and I were surprised at that statement so we decided to try it ourselves when she left. Lo and behold! It didn't work. Why? Because it was broken by the side. We had just noticed that because it was in perfect condition before we gave it out. My mother was so pissed at her and she vowed never to lend her anything in future. Of course that didn't happen because my mum is a forgiving soul.

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